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Olathee Luslimlabeb Slimming Tea's safe for Mommies X Madam Ell's Birthday Bash

Attending Madam Ell's Birthday Bash X Luslimlabeb Launch
Being a breastfeeding mom, the struggle of consuming what is safe for the baby can be challenging at times. And to some mom’s out there, you would understand the amount of food we have to eat in order to keep the supply available for the baby constantly. And with that, its actually very challengknf for a breastfeeding mom to maintain an ideal body weight since we tend to overconsume at times. (Inserts sad face here)

With the birthday girl / entreprenuer
Presenting tea that is safe for breastfeeding mommies
So, when i found out about Olathee Luslimlabeb, i was amazed to encounter that they offer a slimming tea that is safe for breastfeeding moms. Like, you heard me right huney, its slimming tea designed to be safe for breastfeeding mommies. As a mum, I understand the struggle of juggling with a baby at hand which usually takes up most of your time where you can say bye bye to you evening exercises as the baby starts crying the moment you try to leave the house. But with Olathee Luslimlabeb, now its possible to lose weight without the need to go on a crazy intensive diet, not require to keep up with an exercise routine.

Before i go into the breastfeeding friendly variant, they started off with 2 variants offered by Olathee Luslimlabeb Slimming Tea, one to be consumed in the morning and the other to be consumed just before you head off to bed. The Morning Boost Tea has been designed to give you a boost of energy in the morning, while the Evening Doze Off relaxes the mind and body while giving the body natural slimming benefits. The secret behind these tea's would be that Luslimlabeb uses a secret herb that is usually expensive when bought in stores individually and can be hard to find due to its availability.

Based on Madam Ell's first hadn experience
Luslimlabeb has made it more convinient for consumers to consume slimming tea while reducing the time of preparation that usually takes up a lot of time, especially when preparing the ingredients is not conveniently pre-packed in a tea bag. Luslimlabeb has proven to have assisted women who are obese and overweight concerns to achieve their ideal BMI, giving them more confidence in appearance and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Got my eyes on the Luslimlabeb Rooibose & Roselle Tea Mix
Ready packed in tea bags for easy preparation
Now with the product being proven to work, Luslimlabeb now has a team of Ultimate babes with Ultimate results who has lost at least 10kg's to be non-categorized within the obese department, and that is impressive! This beats your regular slimming tea as its also designed to be safe to consume for mommies too. Being a fully breastfeeding mom, i was surprised to find that they have another variant specially designed for mommies too! With a year of R&D, Luslimlabeb has managed to design a slimming tea that is natural and safe for breastfeeding.

Dip the teabag in hot water for at least 3 minutes and its ready to be consumed
Now i dont have to worry about enjoying tea while breastfeeding! Thank you Madam Ell!
The Luslimlabeb for mommies uses 7 types of herbs that functions to help in losing weight but yet still safe for mommies to consume when they are breastfeeding. Im surprised to see Luslimlabeb taking consideration for mommies who want to lose weight after delivery too. I had a taste of it and i would have to say that the flavour is pretty decent. I was expecting it to taste bitter, but surprisingly i love the slight sour taste it has and i actually enjoyed it without sugar. Yums!

Thank you for creating 
All in all, i would have to say that Olathee Luslimlabeb is worth trying and it may help you with losing weight without putting too much effort in commitment. I still believe that if you consume slimming tea while also making some time to exercise at least once a week, that would help speed up the process of losing weight. Honestly im enjoying the fact that i can enjoy drinking tea without the need to worry about breastfeeding my baby. Do check out their official sites below for more info on what Olathee Luslimlabeb has to offer.

Olathee Luslimlabeb

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