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[Review] Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Skincare | After 1 Week Results

Presenting to you the Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Skincare
Hey guys! It has come to mind that I miss my pregnancy glow and I can see it slowly fading as my newborn is turning into an infant. (How time flies!) Which has come to my attention that I need to get myself back on a good skincare routine to really enhance my skin condition and appearance. With that in mind, it leads me to Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Skincare which contains a unique ingredient added called Glutathione. In case you don't know what Glutathione is, it has been long consumed orally as an antioxidant-rich skin lightening supplement and for the first time ever, Dr. Wu found out that it can be utilized as a skincare ingredient.

I've been using the skincare for about a week now and I must say that despite it being a short period of time, the results of my skin condition is pretty impressive. The Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Skincare range consists of 4 products namely the Glutalight Intensive Whitening Essence Toner, Glutalight Intensive Whitening Lotion, Glutalight Intensive Whitening Serum, and Glutalight Whitening Eye Serum. Personally, I would say that this full range is good enough to be equivalent to an actual facial that you get in an aesthetic clinic. Not to forget, the range also contains no photosensitive ingredients, giving you less worries when youre out in the sun. It's also safe for sensitive skin too!  Now that I've gotten your attention, let's find out how well the skincare range works.

Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Essence Toner

Intensive Whitening Essence Toner
Has a mix of water based gel liked texture
Feels very light weight, and its well absorbed by the skin
Starting off with the toner, I apply this after cleansing my face, and personally, I find that the toner is pretty moisturizing compared to the usual toners that I've used. Being called an essence toner, it has a serum-like texture that feels great on the skin. What got me excited to use this toner is the fact that it's formulated with Glutalight to not only soothe the skin but also whiten and moisturizes at the same time! I don't know about you, but most whitening toners can be slightly dry on the skin, but I find this to be the total opposite!

Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Lotion

Intensive Whitening Lotion
Has a creamy water based texture
A little heavier compared to the essence toner, but after its absorbed by the skin, it feels lightweight
Next would be the Glutalight Intensive Whitening Lotion which claims to repair the skin while giving the skin bright and glowy results. Im usually not a fan of lotion, but this is one of the most lightweight lotions that I've ever applied on my face. Formulated with Glutalight with Hyaluronic Acid, this is great for those seeking to decrease the appearance of pigmentation. I was so excited to find a lotion that reduces visible pigmentations, while also soothing and moisturizing the skin. I usually use this during the day time but if you love going for facial treatments, this also works great as aftercare as its acid-free! Major Bonus!

Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Serum

Intensive Whitening Serum
Texture is gel water based texture
Moving on to the Glutatlight Intensive Whitening Serum, I must say that this is my favorite product from the entire range. Im very particular with my choice of serum's but this serum is one of the most impressive serum's I've ever tried. We all know that serums are packed with the highest concentration to target specific skin concerns, but what makes this serum different is that it stops melanin on every level, making it the perfect skincare to achieve whitening results. It evens skin tone and lightens dark spots while giving your skin a natural glow. And since it's acid-free, it's perfect to be used as aftercare from facials while giving your skin longer lasting whitening results.

Dr. Wu Glutalight Whitening Eye Serum

Whitening Eye Serum
Thick gel-like texture
Easy application around the eyes
Not to forget the skin around your eyes, I admire Dr. Wu for not forgetting the importance of a good Whitening Eye Serum. Honestly, I've heard of eye creams and eye serums, but never have I heard about Glutalight Whitening Eye Serum. The texture of this serum is surprisingly lightweight and other than whitening the area, it also improves firmness too! I use this during the day time only as every drop is precious and I love that it doesn't feel stingy around the eyes. Gentle enough to be applied around a sensitive area and the results are impressive!

Dr. Wu Daily Renewal Serum 

Daily Renewal Serum
Texture is very light and feels gentle on ther skin
Last but not least would be the Daily Renewal Serum that you can consider adding into your skincare routine. The serum consist of a small concentration of Mandelic Acid which is one of the mildest ways to speed up the skin metabolism rate, at the same time helps in getting rid of dead skin cells while giving shorter recovery period from acne scars. The purpose of it is to renew skin by improving skin tone, minimizing pores and removes blackheads and whiteheads effectively. After using this consecutively for 5 days, I must say that it is pretty effective in targeting my pores while giving my skin an evener skin tone. I would advise applying sunscreen and hydrating products when using this serum to give your skin extra protection. Also, avoid using exfoliating and products that contain AHA as this serum will do all the work for you.


My skin has that natural glow after almost a week of using it.
To conclude on my review, I would have to say that I do notice that my skin is fairer, well-hydrated, and it definitely brightens my dull tired skin. If youre looking for a whitening skincare range that not only whitens but at the same time hydrates the skin, I would highly recommend you to dry Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Skincare. Trust me when I say that there aren't many skincare ranges that have multiple functions such as this one. I used to use different skincare for different functions just to maintain my skin, but with Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Skincare, it covers practically all of my concerns. Not to forget, it's also safe to be used for sensitive skin as the skincare is acid-free!  Well, im still waiting for a comparison of after using this for 2 weeks, thus do come back to this post for a before-after comparison. xx

Minimum purchase of RM200 of Dr. Wu products from Watson's Online Store.

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