Saturday, December 14, 2019

Softest Japanese Eye Lashes | Butterfly Project Gathering X Dolly Wink

Thank you for having me Dolly Wink X Butterfly Project
So its that time of year again where the Butterfly Project community gathers together to celebrate an early christmas celebration! Was so happy to be a part of the event as i got to catch up with fellow blogger friends and had some really fun challenges featuring Dolly Wink. Still cant believe that we had an amazing time and i cant thank enough to Dolly Wink for sponsoring the community and giving all of us the chance tk celebrate the season of gifting.

The variety of Eye Lashes offered by Dolly Wink
We had 4 varieties to explore with
Upon arrival, we started of with a small introduction on what we’ll be doing that day and i was welcomed with a goodie bag filled with Dolly Wink products! I was actually really surprised to find myself exploring 4 different varieties of lashes in the bag, and i had a hard time deciding on which last to pick to actually include in the upcoming challenge for the day.

With blogger friends just casually hanging out and enjoying our time together
Here are the four variants that we all received and all of it has different purposes for different ocassions. I decided to try the yellow boxed lash as i found that to be very unique as the lashes had like a two-tone colour featuring black and brown on the lashes. In terms of texture, i was so surprised that it felt very soft and lightweight. Im not kidding cause its by far THE SOFTEST lashes i’ve ever laid my hands on.

Busy figuring out on how to create unique looks
So the challenge if the day was actually to create the most creative eye look with the products provided by Dolly Wink on that day. We were given lashes, lash glue and eye liner to work with and i’s say it was pretty challenging since we didnt have and eyeshadow. The trick of the day was basically to test our eyeliner styling skills and i guess i managed to create a cat eye pattern with their eye liner which was very thin, smooth and easy to actually draw with. What do you think of the look? 
Congratulations to the top 3 best dressed winners!
We were given 30 minutes to be creative with our eye look and it was pretty challenging to do an eye look with limited period of time. I admit that the deadline and the adrenaline of rushing did affect my drawing skills cause my hands were practically shivering. But on a personal note, im very impressed thaf these lashes are actually easy to apply and it fees really comfortable too! Overall i would say that everyone did a pretty great job with drawing their eye liner and the top 5 who won the best eye looks were seriously neat and creative! Congratulations for their effort and i would have ti agree that they do have the skills in playing with eyeliner. 

We definitely had a great time, and also had Kakiyuki to share while we're there

It was held in Kakiyuki, a japanese concept dessert store selling amazing flavours of shaved ice. It happens to be one of my favourite dessert locations, and getting a bite of it again with fellow bloggers really is a different experience as we would usually feed the camera first before feeding ourselves. Haha. Been wanting to try the christmas edition dessert and got to try both the special limited time dessert namely Chocolate mint and Blackcurrant Custard with Sarah, Fatin and Qhaleesa.

I'd say that the eyelashes does make a difference that gives a natural outcome

Since we only had 2 hours to really spend time together, despite having really short period of time, im happy to say that it was the best 2 hours i had throughout the whole week. It was fun and short and very explorative with Dolly Wink eye products. After getting a chance to play around the their lashes, i would have to mark their lashes as one my favourite brands to work with! Its really soft, and when applied, it literally feels like i wasnt wearing any lashes! Im amazed! Anyways, i’ll end my post here and i cant wait to create more looks with the Dolly Wink lashes. Till my next post! xx 

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