Tuesday, December 3, 2019

[REVIEW] ActiveLife Active Soymilk

ActiveLife Active Soymilk
With a baby on hand, i find that im constantly hungry and tired to keep up with her milestones. I was then recomended to consider trying the ActiveLife Active Soymilk which is recomended for those with gastric problems, constipation problems and basically to those who want to stay active and healthy. After giving birth, i guess my intention of trying this would be to get myself back up into living my usual active and healthy lifestyle. Without any hesitation, i decided to give this a go! Scroll below to find out what i think about it.

Each tin comes with a cover to protect the powder once you've opened it
Sealed tightly and easy to open
For starters, the Active Organic Soymilk is made form 100% finest NON_GMO Organic Soya beans. It's manufactured from an advance US technology and the soy beans are organically grown in accordance to the US Organic Foods standard. The purpose of this soymilk had been formulated specialized to solve gastric problems as it contains Fenugreek, Prebiotic & Probiotics to relieve gastric discomfort. I may not have any gastric problems, but i beleive that it has the benefits to prevent it as well. After all, prevention is always better than cure. 

It comes in powder form
All you need is 3 scoops and 200ml of water to prepare a glass of Active Soymilk
Being a fan of soymilk myself, im pretty happy to have discovered the ActiveLife Active Soymilk as it's easy to prepare and is filled with health benefits! The ActiveLife Active Soymilk comes in a sealed tin container, and its great that it comes with a lid too! Each container contians about 600gm which is good enough to prepare about for up to 24 servings. Not to forget, its also halal certified so its safe for consumption to all my muslim friends who are concerned. 


As you can see, theres also a halal certification too!
Here i mixed it with room temperature water and the powder smoothly dissolves into a drink
To prepare youself a glass of Active Soymilk, all you need is 3 scoops of Active Soymilk, and approximately 200ml of warm water, then stir until the powder completely dissolves. It would be best to be consumed immediately, and surpisingly, it really taste like Soymilk! Im usually not a fan of powdered drinks, but this has to be an exception. I also tried mixing this with cold water, and it works  too! From what im aware of, its best that you dont mix this with hot water as it may destroy the Fenugreek, Prebiotic & Probiotic benefits under heat. 


Been enjoying a cup of this every morning before i start my day. 
As an overall conclusion, i would say that it taste pretty good and it does make me feel like i have more energy to last me throughout the day. I love the fact that its easy to prepare, and you dont even need to add in sugar to enjoy it. It retails at RM 64.50 for 24 servings, which equals to RM2.70 per cup! I find that really affordable considering that it not only helps solve gastic and constipation problems but also helps you keep you body active as its packed with energy. Throughout my 2 week period of consuming this daily, i have not experienced any gastric or constipation which i believe its all thanks to ActiveLife Active Soymilk. Well, thats all for my review today and do consider trying this as i believe the benefits are pretty good to maintain on health. 

ActiveLife Active Soymilk

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