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ORGGA | Malaysian Organic Skincare

Reviewing ORGGA, Natural Skincare that works!
I cant be more proud to share with you a Malaysian Skincare, ORGGA, offering the Natural Skincare that works! ORGGA has a mission to be the first Malaysian skincare brand that offers the best quality of all natural and organic ingredients that gives the skin positive results. And personally, i was won over the brand when i found out that they are natural, organic, cruelty free, safe and effective to be used on the skin. If other skincare goes wrong, this may be your safest bet being available right here in Malaysia.

The 4 products to be reviewed today
As you would know, i have combination skin and it pretty much sucks that 1 skincare range is never good enough because of all the types of concerns that i have for mny skin. Well yes, i had natural glowy skin when i was pregnant, but after giving birth, i was surprised with acne popping up here and there, and dont get me started on the oil production my skin is producing (yucks!). Stumbling upon ORGGA, i found their values very trustworthy and i decided to give this skincare a go. And since the results were rather impressive, it definitely deserves a blogpost on what i think about it.

In today's post i'll be sharing with you 4 products from ORGGA that caught my attention, and plus, its very versatile for any skin-type. Skipping the typical skincare set, i decided to go for the Bacca Bliss 3 in 1 Daily Cleansing Powder, the Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist, the Libra Luxe Beauty Oil and the Rose Quartz Face Roller. Now lets get into details!

Bacca Bliss 3 in 1 Daily Cleansing Powder

Orgga French Rose Daily Cleansing Powder
Comes in powder form, and can be used as a cleanser or mask
Honestly i was intrigued by the idea that its made out of Rasberry, Strawberry, Grape Seed and Licorice Root. Being a berry fan, i was already hooked to the idea of having berries within the list of ingredients. Skip the boring cream cleanser, the texture of this is in a form of a cleansing powder which i find to be very unique. There are 3 functions of this which would be that it cleanses, exfoliates and also can be used as a mask. Woohoo!

Feels like gentle exfoliation
To use this, i would usually remove my make up then rinse my face so that its slightly damp. Pour around 1 tsp of powder on palm, mix it with water till it becomes like paste, then gently massage your face in circular motion. Then rinse and pat, its as easy as that! If you want to use this as a mask, you may also use leave it on as a mask for 2-5 minutes. I've been using this as a cleanser for a week now, and my skin seems to love the formulation of it as i havent experienced any break outs! Yay!

Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist

Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist
Next would be the Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist which can also be a substitute to your toner. I love the idea that it comes in a spray bottle, so i wont need to applying it on a cotton pad but instead apply it directly to my face with just 2 sprays. Its formulated with  hydrosol, fruit extracts, rich essential oils, vegetable glycerin and aloe vera which did a good job in leaving my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised.

All you need is a few spritz to feel refreshed
To use this, i would usually hold it about 15cm away from face and it would be advisable to gently shake the bottle before spraying to face. Spray it lightly over face and neck, then gently pat face till dry or till the skin fully absorbs mist. I love that the mist feels very lightweight on skin, and if you have pore concerns like me, then this works well in closing up your pores after cleansing.

Lindo Luxe Beauty Oil

Libra Luxe Beauty Oil
Next would be the Libra Luxe Beauty Oil which is one of ORGGA products that i was really excited to try. I never thought that oil can actually help the skin condition even if youre facing concerns such as oily skin. ORGGA offers 3 types of oils, but this time around im using Lindo, which has been specially formulated for those having oily and acne concerns, which makes it perfect for my skin type. Formulated with 10 types of botanical oil and 6 high quality essential oils, im surprised that its reasonably priced!

As you can see, the texture look spretty oily
But when applied, surprisingly it feels pretty lightweight
To use this, i would usually apply this after the mist, and just slightly before skin fully dries. If its your first time applying oil to your skin, i would advise you to skip the moisturizer cream cause this moisturizes your skin good enough. Take 2-3 drops of oil then gently massage the skin. In terms of texture, i would have to say that its oily (duh) at first, but after giving the skin a good massage, it becomes lighter and skin just feels moisturized. Not to forget, did you know that after applying this, i find that it works great as a makeup primer as well?

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Face Roller
To encourage skin with better absorption
The Rose Quartz Face Roller is actually an additional benefit for the skin if youre looking to pamper your skin with a luxurious treat. I've done some research and found that by using a Roze Quartz, it helps to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. Other benefits of using quartz as a face roller would be that it stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines, helps reduce pores, increases skin elasticity.


Definitely feeling like i have that natural glow #nomakeup
And with that being said, as a verdict, i would like to say that im pretty impressed with ORGGA for developing a skincare range that has been very well thought off, while using high quality ingredients that would actually benefit the skin by using natural organic ingredients. As you can see, i've used 3 products plus a face roller to maintain my skin, and i am loving the results as i do see my skin condition improving. I can conclude that Orgga uses premium ingredients that is afforadable for everyone. I honestly cant wait to try other products that they have to offer soon! Be sure to check out ORGGA by visiting their social sites to find out more on what they have to offer.


Alcohol, Hydroquinone, Mercury, SLS, Paraben, Synthetic Preservative, Sulfates, 
Synthetic colouring & fragrance and any harmful chemicals.y

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