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UHU Glue | My home Solution Essential

UHU glue to have at home
UHU is no stranger to me since I've been practically glued into Architecture during my Degree days. You may wonder how UHU became a part of my life, and honestly, it all started with my Degree in Architecture where I was constantly building models for presentations and conceptual designs. Since I practically had UHU with me wherever I go, it sort of became a part of my lifestyle when it comes to wrapping gifts, fixing stuff, making my own DIY projects and even to glue parts of the house together.

For your information, Faber-Castell Malaysia has recently introduced UHU’s latest innovative products, for more specific usage and I cant wait to show to you what they have to offer in stores. With its latest expansion into the extreme repair adhesive product category, UHU now has a significant market share in the Malaysian retail adhesive market. With that being said, UHU has definitely won my trust in ensuring that things are kept intact when needed. 

UHU Stic Magic Blue (8.2g – RM4.70, 21g – RM8.90)

Comes in two sizes, 8.2g and 21g
UHU Stic The Secret Life of PETS 2 - Limited Edition (8.2g – RM4.40, 21g – RM8.70)

Limited edition The Secret Life of PETS 2
Introducing you to the few new UHU products that Faber-Castell Malaysia has to offer would include the UHU Stic Magic Blue and the Limited-Edition PETS 2. For students who prefer to keep things neat when it comes to glue, the UHU Stic Magic Blue has a unique disappearing color formula where a blue tinge is seen upon application, but then it disappears in a few seconds. How cool is that? The Limited Edition PETS 2, on the other hand, is a must-have in offices, classrooms and even at home. In collaboration with 'The Secret Life of PETS 2', this makes your office desk looks uber-cute and it's a great collectible to fans as it's featured in their limited-edition design of the UHU stic. 

UHU Max Repair Extreme (8g, RM18.90)

For Extreme adhesive that sticks for good
Meanwhile,  if youre more of a fixer up-er at home, the UHU Max Repair for extreme repairs, Super Glue Ultra-Fast Control and the Super Glue Mini for one-time use will soon be available in stores from March 2020. The UHU Max Repair Extreme is an extremely strong adhesive which makes it ideal for major repairs around the house, for shoes or any broken items. As an outcome, its also versatile in gluing as its resistance to shock, temperature, UV and not to forget that it's also dishwasher safe. 

UHU Super Glue Ultra-Fast Control (3g, RM7.90)
 (1g pack of 3, RM10.90)

Comes in a regular pack of 3g
Or for small usage, consider getting this instead
The UHU Super Glue Ultra-Fast Control, on the other hand, is a Super Glue that has been designed to be easy control. The packaging has been designed with a unique Direct-Stop Technology so you won't have to worry about uncontrolled adhesive flows. Did I mention that they also have a mini version of this that comes in 3 packs of 1g for singular use? I don't know about you, but I keep buying those big tubes of super glue which I usually end up using once then the rest pretty much ends up history. With these mini versions, I consider it an advantage to keep it safe at home for fixing emergencies without the need to worry about any glue wastage.

I had my parkay floors loose, and guess what was my quick solution? You guessed it! UHU Super Glue to the rescue
Tadaa good as new!
So if you're looking for a glue that can fix your home, be it a gluing job that is big or small, UHU products are sold at major stationery stores, hardware stores, and convenient stores nationwide. But you prefer online purchases, they are also e-commerce platforms such as and

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