Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DDR Bio Grow Organic Fertilizer by Datuk Dr Che Rozmey Che Din

Meeting Datuk Dr Che Rozmey in person
Datuk Dr Che Rozmey has a history of betrayal by partners and has lost trust with friends, personal assistances worth over 10 years of relationships. But when it comes to building an empire, it takes a lot of sacrifice that Datuk Dr Che Rozmey had to destroy some bad relationships to keep on going. With that, thats basically the history of Datuk Dr Che Rozmey, where he shared today on what it takes to run an empire. Other than being cheated and losing a lot of financial money, that did not stop Datuk Dr Che Rozmey to move forward.

Currently more known as Dr Rozmey, he is now more passionate to build back his empire by introducing a new product. After throughly studying and doing scientific research to create and invent the right technology for planting benefits, DDR Bio Grow was found, an organic fertilizer that is formulated with probiotic and ocean micronisms. Since he is based in Jitra, Kedah, he found himself being passionate in understanding the needs of farmers to increase crops to its optimum within a shorter period of time.

Current activities by Dr Rozmey
Currently trying to prevent history from repeating, he wants to really build his name and make a difference in ensuring that farmers are given an option with better quality fertilizers, to also increase their own personal income with better results in crops. Dr Rozmey shared that if he did not pick himself up, who would? Thus giving himself the motivation to strive and still chase for his dreams to keep on going.

Some of you may wonder on why would he want to explore the farmers industry as an alternative? The idea to create and formulate an organic fertilizers with probiotics was because he realized that a lot of farmers in Kedah found that their current fertilizers are not effective enough in imrpoving crops while preventing pest from attacking the crops. Having the chance to get into depth in the cause of it, he then realizes that he needed to find a solution to help farmers regain their confidence in their crops.

Also offers some guidance on planting 
Together with a close friend of his, an expert in polymer chemistry, both of them teamed up to create fertilizer that would assist and improve the farmers crops overall. It took them almost 2 years of research and manufacturing to create just the right formulation of fertilizer. It was also tested with a farmer friend who diligently used the fertilizer and gained actual results that came out successfully.

With great results from the crops, the fertilizer started being spreading out through word of mouth among farmers who had used the products by Dr Rozmey, and from there, the demand of DDR Bio Grow started increasing. DDR Bio Grow is unique as its a polymer fertilizer that has be extracted from prawn and crab shells through the technology of bioscience and laboratories facilities.


Presenting DDR Bio Grow
The benefits of DDR Bio Grow is that it helps to make the soil more fertile and lush by using organic fertilizer with good bacterias. With this organic fertilizer, it will help improve crops by giving more nutrients that would result in better fruit development and satisfactory growth. With effective fertilizer, crops would be more healthy and gree while also speed up growth period of time. Who wouldnt want that right?

Rich in NOK adn trace element, it would help to strenghten the root growth and the absorption of nutrients withint he soil. Rich with PGR (Plant growth regulator) it would also encourage and impressively repairs cropso while increasing the number of crops by 30% at the very least. With organisms from the ocean and seaweed as a strong influence tio increase the plants cell growth, it also speeds up the process of photosynthsis.

Dr Rozmey with fellow media friends
Moreover, it also gives immunation to the plants from germs and pest that would usually be the main struggle that farmers would face. Most farmers are not very keen to use pesticides to prevent pest, but with DDR Bio Grow, Dr Rozmey has made is possible to prevent pest with organic fertilizer. Some of the feedback that Dr Rozmey has received is farmers managed to increase crops by 80% from 0.3 hectars of land with results of 2.4 tons of crops in comparison to a previous result before using the fertilizer of 1.4 tons.

Moving forward, Dr Rozmey is confident that his approach towards the farmers industry would receive positive results and hopes that in a few years time that he would have more opportunities to broaden his bussiness opportunity to assist more farmers to improve on their crops. Also it is expected that DDR Bio Grow will increase in business by 5% within the next few years. DDR Bio Grow comes in 1 litre to cover 1.3 hectars of field at RM65 and is also available in 4 litres at RM199. For more information on DDR Bio Grow, you can check out thier website at ddragro.com.

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