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[BEAUTY REVIEW] Honest thoughts on the SNP Cicaronic Skincare Range

Hello everyone! Im doing an honest review on what I think about the Cicaronic Skincare Range. I believe if you are a beauty enthusiast, you would be aware of the hype of Cica. Fret not if this is your first time hearing about Cica, cause I'll be more than happy to explain to you why this ingredient has become pretty popular in today's era. Cica basically stands for Centella Asiatica, an ingredient that is known to heal battle wounds and has a very impressive impact on skin recovery in general. So, when we're talking about skin imperfections of scars, acne, signs of burns, and basically skin imperfections, Cica has always been the solution to assist the skin in recovery.

That being said, when SNP launched the SNP Cicaronic Skincare range, it has created a lot of hype on the internet, and trust me, it's an eye-catcher on shelves. The Cicaronic Skincare is from the SNP Prep category, bringing back skincare basics with multiple layers of hyaluronic acid, accompanied by activity ingredients such as peptides, cica, and vitamins. With all the good stuff being available in one whole skincare range, who can really resist the temptation? When I first heard about it, I must admit that I was pretty excited to try it out on my skin, and now since I've already been trying it out for about 2 weeks now, I would have to say that the results do justice to the skincare range. Now, let me further elaborate on the products that the range has to offer. 

 SNP Cicaronic Cleansing Foam

The SNP Cicaronic skincare range currently offers 5 products, but of course, what's a skincare range without starting off with their cleanser? I think this is by far the first time im seeing a cleanser that offers cica in their ingredients. The cleansing foam is a cleanser that contains intensive moisturizing properties that would leave your skin feeling soft after every wash. What's even better about this cleanser would be that it is also suitable for those who have sensitive skin too. The whole idea behind the Cicaronic skincare line is to help soothe and restore tired and sensitive skin within a shorter period with stronger recovery results. The minute I step into the shower, I would usually start off with this cleanser, and you have my word when I say it feels great on the skin. It foams up really smooth and cleanses pretty well without leaving the skin feeling dry after washing the cleanser off. 

SNP Cicaronic Toning Essence

Next would be the SNP Cicaronic Toning Essence. If you think this is your regular toner, then think again! It does function like a toner, but I'd say it has extra benefits of essence within the contents. Typical toners usually function to close up your pores after cleansing, but the SNP Cicaronic Toning Essence, it does not only closes up the pores, but it also soothes and locks moisture to keep your skin looking more energized bringing restoration and relaxation to your skin. Formulated with hypoallergenic mild water, this would also prevent skin irritation for days that your skin isn't doing so well, keeping the skin clear and stress-free. To apply this, I would like to get a few drops on my palms, then lightly dab it into my skin. Im not usually a fan of toners, but this has a very light refreshing sensation. 

SNP Cicaronic Ampoule

I swear that I love ampoules the most. I've been using ampoule and the results are never disappointing at all. The SNP Cicaronic Ampoule offers a formulation that contains the Cica Trio by SNP and 3 layers of Hyaluronic Acid that makes Cicaronic! Honestly, I would say that the ampoule would be more suitable for when you need intensive treatment care and results are guaranteed when you apply the ampoule daily for a week. Since my skin didn't need intensive care, it's still a great add on to add into your skincare for that extra boost of love and pampering to your skin. I love the fact that the ampoule feels very light on the skin without leaving any sticky residue which I think is one of the most important factors in choosing the right ampoule. To conclude the functions, it's like an extra add on to your skincare routine to provide moisture, soothing, and hydration benefits to energize the skin. I usually would use this after toning and before moisturizing.

SNP Cicaronic Soothing Cream

Next would be SNP Cicaronic Soothing Cream. Honestly, if youre looking to try just one product from the skincare range, I would highly recommend you to have this at home as your first product from the SNP Cicaronic Skincare Range. This cream is very versatile when it comes to being your skin savior when your skin is at its worst! I honestly don't use this daily, but I must say that I do see improvements on my skin even when im applying this on alternate days. The cream offers 3 layers of Hyaluronic acid to help your skin restore while giving moisturizing benefits while protecting the damaged skin with its intensified Centella extract for a powerful soothing effect. I have oily-combination skin, so this may be a little too creamy for my skin, but i do love applying it onto my skin since I do have acne scars which I noticed recovers better when I apply this cream. 

SNP Cicaronic Daily Mask

We all know that masking at least once a week is crucial when it comes to pampering the skin. Sometimes 15 minutes of a break with a mask on is all it takes for your skin to take a break and recover on its own. I can tell you that your skin would rejuvenate better with the SNP Cicaronic Daily Mask if youre using this every week. One of the days last week, I went jogging earlier than usual and somehow got myself a little sunburned from the sun, so I decided that it was a good time to give this mask a go. This mask moisturizes, restores and has high content of Centella Asiatica Extract to soothe sensitive and irritated skin making it gentle enough even when your skin is crying for help. The mask is very soft and pro-tip, it feels even better when you leave it in the fridge before applying it on. 

Verdict (Before \ After)

Before using SNP Cicaronic Skincare

After using SNP Cicaronic Skincare

Skin appears to be smoother and brighter

As a verdict, I would say that im hooked on the skincare range without any biased opinion from anyone. I've tried it and I love the results that it gave to my skin. I would say that before I used this skincare range, my skin had dark pigmentations from acne scars, dry skin on certain parts and usually it looks pretty tired. But after using the SNP Cicaronic Skincare Range, my skin feels more energized and lively. I noticed that my skin was smoother and that my acne scars healed faster than usual. There's really no negative reactions by my skin, and im pretty happy with it overall. The Cleanser, Toning Essence, Soothing Cream, and Ampoule are priced at RM79.90 and the mask is priced at RM9.90/mask which I think is really reasonably priced for real quality ingredients that provide actual results. If youre looking to get your hands on the SNP Cicaronic Skincare products, it's exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia nationwide. 

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