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[Food Review] Gombak Cowboy Cafe

Since we've been indoors with the little one, I stumbled on a newly launched cafe in Gombak called Gombak Cowboy Cafe! The Cafe is located very close to UIA for those who are familiar, but also, if youre coming from Kota Damansara like me, then it would be a 30-minute drive to get there. I actually enjoyed the drive there since we had to pass through Batu cave, so it had a nice route if you enjoy the scenery while you drive to your destination. Just before Gombak Toll, there's a small junction to turn into that leads you to this humble cafe that takes you to a wild wild west experience. Let me give you an insight into what you can expect once youre there.

The open seating area

We arrived at about 5.30pm and there was plentiful of open parking, but what really caught my attention were the horses! I've never seen horses in a while and it really felt like I was visiting a house ranch instead of a cafe. hehe. Since we brought our daughter with us, she immediately yelled 'horse' in excitement when she saw the horses. That being said, im pretty sure that if you bring the little ones here, they would definitely love it! After parking, we were greeted by a big board that says 'Gombak Cowboy Cafe' which indicated that we have reached our destination. Upon a first impression, i would have to say that the ambiance does feels like a cowboy environment thus leading toward the name of the cafe. The seating and deco of the cafe is based on a cowboy theme, and i got to say that i enjoy the change of scenery being away from the city. For once, I didnt even bother to hold my phone because there was so many things to see while i was there. 

Honestly while we were there, we ordered the food and decided to explore the venue. I was surprised to find myself seated just next to the horse stable where we got to get up close with different types of horses. I think Mikayla ( my 15 month old baby) enjoyed teh horses the most! Despite the stable being just a few steps away from our table, there was no foul smell in case youre worried about that. The deco of the cafe had an open concept, and i love how the environment of the location takes you away from the city.

Going into the menu, they had a fair array of options offering varieties of appetizers, soups, main courses and mocktails to enjoy. The average price range per person would be around RM20-RM30 if youre ordering the average dishes, but if youre looking to splurge a little, there is also some decent high range main courses for you to enjoy with the family as well. While i was there, i ordered the Fruit Salad,  Vegetable soup, Nachos, Tacos, Smokey Duck Burger and Lamb Shank. To accompany the meal, we also ordered Watermelon Lemonade Blizz and the Blackcurrent Soda. 

Fruit Salad & Vegetable Soup

Fruit Salad | RM10

Vegetable Soup | RM10

Delicious creamy base with chunks of vegetables

Starting off with the appetizers, i was recomended to try the fruit salad accompanied by the vegetable soup since i brought my 15 month old daughter with me. The staff were really friendly while i was there, and they were ever ready to recommend their dishes from the menu. The Fruit salad had strawberries, kiwi's, honey dew, rock melon in yogurt & honey sprinkled with granola, cranberries, raisins and almond! Honestly as a started i would say i really enjoyed this fruit salad to get the appetite started, especially when the fruits are really fresh. The vegetable soup may not sound as interesting, but believe me, its not your average 'sup sayur' for sure! It has chunks of possibly carrots and celery in a creamy based soup which my daughter enjoyed a lot! Dont underestimate their vegetable soup cause its seriously sedap! 

Nachos & Tacos

Taco's | RM8

Nacho's | RM15

Served with avocado sauce and special baked bean gravy

Moving on into heavier options of appetizers, we were also recommended by the staff to try their Nachos and Taco's which i actually have no regrets! The Nacho's is apparently one of their hot seller appertizers and i could see why. The nacho's is super crispy, served aside with  some avocado sauce, cheese and their special baked bean sauce which complimented the Nacho's really well. This i would say is a must-try for sure if you visit the cafe. The Taco's were specially recommended to me by the owner and i would have to say that it was beyond my expectations. Ingat biasa biasa je, tapi bila dah makan, pergh! Its actually really good! The Taco's had prawns, some salad and is wrapped in a wrap which i would say i enjoyed a lot! You wouldnt want to miss out on this im telling you. 

Smokey Duck Burger

Smokey Duck Burger | RM18

Now, i actually had a hard time going through the main courses, but after flipping the menu a few times, i was told that the Smokey Duck Burger is one of their signatures! They have personally smoked the Duck for 2 hours using their special method of the ventilated smoking machine to let the duck tenderize and catch that smokey flavour without it being overcooked. The results of it? THE BEST! You would imagine that duck would have a slight thivker rubbery texture, but this was really tender and the smokey flavouring was just nice. It wasnt too salty, and as a burger, it went out pretty well. Alternatively, if you dont want it in a form of a burger, you can enjoy the smokey duck breast instead for a full on smokey duck experience. 

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank | RM35

Seriously, im telling you that the portion is huge!

Its been a while since i last had lamb shank, so when i saw this, i just had to give it a try. First off, i would like to say that for the price of RM35, the portion is huge! The lamb shank that was served offered a really good portion of gravy and the shank itself was very well done. Every bite of it was tender as if it melts in the mouth, and the gravy complimented it really well. Not to forget the sides, they were very generous to not give one, but two whole potatoes for you to enjoy the lamb shank with. If youre not a big eater, this dish can be shared for 2. 

Watermelon Lemonade Blizz & Blackcurrent Soda

Blackcurrent Soda | RM12

Watermelon Lemonade Blizz | RM12

And as our thirst quenchers, we had teh Watermoelon Lemonade Blizz and Blackcurrent Soda. My husband ordered the watermoelon lemonade blizz, and he says that it was very refreshing with hints of lemon and mint in his watermelon drink. Whereas my Blackcurrent Soda is also very refreshing as well. It was lightly sweetened with possibly starberry puree and i love the presentation of the drink as well. The drink wasnt too sweet, and i love the overall taste of it! No regrets at all. They offer other drinks as well, but i have yet to explore the options that they have to offer. So, be sure to check out their drink while youre there. 


One picture with the taco's!

They definitely have something for the kids to enjoy

All gone!

As a verdict, i would have to say that the overall experience was really worth the 30-minute drive. The pricing of the food served at Gombak Cowboy Cafe had a reasonable range and the taste of it was satisfying. The waiting time for the food was also really fast and the staff was very attentive to their customers with an every ready manner to be ready to serve. Maybe the only thing I may have wished for would be to have an option to have an air-condition room, but that just really takes the fun of going to a cowboy cafe am i right? Haha. All in all, i would have to say that i would definitely come back for more, and this cafe would be a pleasant surprise to offer a different ambiance accompanied by horses to pet and get up close to. Be sure to make your way there if youre looking for a different kind of dining experience. I would highly recommend Gombak Cowboy Cafe! 

Gombak Cowboy cafe
53100, Selangor
019-732 4100

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