Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Chicken Rice Shop | The Perfect Match of Chicken & Butter

In case you havent popped by The Chicken Rice shop lately, im telling you the Grilled Butter Chicken has made a come back by popular demand to melt your heart away. Since we all know that theres always a perfect match for everyone, well, the culinary world found the perfect bliss in pairing butter and chicken together in one dish. Without thinking twice, when i found out that the Grilled Butter Chicken is back, i told my husband that i had to make a pit stop over lunch to meet my one true jodoh, the Grilled Butter Chicken~ 

Honestly i menyesal teruk when they had this on the menu last time since i didnt get to catch this dish when it was out, but lucky enough it made a come back, giving me a chance to try it out myself. The Chicken Rice Shop announced that the Grilled Butter Chicken will be available till 17th January 2021, curated exclusively for Malaysians to enjoy this perfect combination of Butter with chicken with a hint of spicy heat that would definitely make you wantt to come back for more.

I visited The Chicken Rice Shop at Tropicana Mall in Kota Damansara and i had the most wonderful experience ordering the Grilled Butter Chicken to fill my tummy during lunch time. The Grilled Butter Chicken was promoted on the front page of the menu, and it can be hard to miss out on this seasonal dish. I decided to order the set which comes with soup, pak choy and chicken rice to make it a perfect complete meal, and i was surprised that the portion is big! Honestly, if you are not a heavy eater, 1 plate of Grilled Butter Chicken can actually be shared with 2.

The presentation of the chicken is pretty unique and i love the smell of it when it arrived to the table. It had this really tempting layer of crispy skin, covered with buttery cream infused with curry leaves and red chili. The chicken served was boneless, making it really enjoyable to bite on every bite i can get without worrying about any bones. And in case youre wondering what my first bite experience was, it was definitely a mouthwatering one! Seriously, the first bite pretty much says it all and the beauty of this entire dish would be the sauce. 

So, if you havent tried the Grilled Butter Chicken, be sure to drop by your nearest Chicken Rice Shop to get love at first bite. I would have to say that this seasonal dish really completes my year when it comes to flavours that would be memorable and set you into a good mood to start the new year. For more information on the Grilled Butter Chicken or other promotions, be sure to keep yourself updated on their social website which i have included the link at the end of this post. 

Instagram Filter Contest 

So if you happen to order the Grilled Butter Chicken, why not join the 'Jadikan GBC Jodoh Anda' Instagram Filter Contest. To be eligible to join, all you need to do is follow and like The Chicken Rice Shop's Facebook page and Instagram Account. To enter, just purchase the Grilled Butter Chicken and take a photo it. Next, choose the 'fake video call' filter and tell the Grilled Butter Chicken how much you love it. Imagine as if youre calling the love of your life and basically expressing your love towards the dish. Dah kata cari jodoh anda kan? haha. Upload the video on FB/IG or instagram and tag @thechickenriceshop and hahtag #jadikanGBCJodohAnda # TCRS #GrilledButterChicken and make sure that your profile is public. Thats it~ The top 10 most creative video will win 1 E-voucher for Grilled Butter Chicken Meal A.

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