Wednesday, December 16, 2020

[BEAUTY REVIEW] Prettian Skincare

Being a beauty enthusiast, I would have to say that Prettian did a good job of getting my attention. If this is your first time hearing about Prettian, then let me spill the details. Prettian originates from Korea and has been formulated to suit Asian skin. We all know how advanced Korean technology is when it comes to K-beauty, so without any hesitation, I told myself that I just had to give this a go! Some fun facts on the brand, Prettian is actually derived from the word Pretty + Angel, in result becoming Prettian. 

Prettian has been co-developed with Skin Meds which involved 17 domestic doctors. The products have also gone through various clinical tests to ensure that it's safe for consumers to use preventing any skin irritation, sebum improvement, pore improvement, and basically overall skin appearance. Prettian's currently offers 3 products within their range, offering the Triple Oil Cleanser, Moisturizing Cream, and Silky Brightening Cream. Now, let's break it down a little if youre interested to know more about each product. 

Prettian Triple Oil Cleanser 

Starting off with the Prettian Triple Oil Cleanser, it has been formulated with tropical acai berry, witch hazel, sage, and their secret ingredient. Upon my first impression when I took it out of the box, I would have to say that the color of the layers attracted my attention making me feel really excited to give this a go. From the list of ingredients, I can tell that this product goes beyond your average oil cleanser. It claims to effectively remove waterproof makeup residue, pollutants, and other impurities without drying out the skin after cleansing. I believe that deep cleansing is one of the most important characteristics of a cleanser that we have to really keep an eye on. It comes in a 150ml pump bottle which I appreciate as pump bottles would usually keep the product fresh for very use while preventing contamination. 

Having oily combination skin, oil cleansers are not entirely a fan of oil cleansers, but after trying this one out, I would have to say that I love how it feels on my skin. Not only that it effectively removes waterproof makeup, but what i love about it is also the fact that it cleanses really well without leaving that tight after cleansed feeling. Despite going through deep cleaning with the triple oil cleanser, my skin still feels very well hydrated. I was expecting it to be a little more on the oily side, but surprisingly it washes off really easily without leaving the skin feeling as oily as i thought it would. Consider an oil cleanser when its from Prettian! 

Prettian Moisturizing Cream

The next product i tried would be the Prettian Moisturizing Cream. The main attraction over this cream that i had was the fact that they used tangerine, ecklonia cava, and honey as their main ingredients. I would assume they used some snail mucin in it considering that theres an image of a snail on the box of this cream. This moisturizer claims to keep your skin moisturised to give you youthful and healthy skin. It comes in a tub casing containing 50ml of cream. I usually would like to apply this after each cleanse using a spatula to prevent contamination of the product.

I'm very particular with moisturizers and im honestly really happy to find that this moisturizer feels really good on the skin. The texture is creamy, but when you apply it on the skin, it's well absorbed by the skin leaving a very lightweight feel. I experienced slight irritation on my skin about a week ago, but when I applied this cream, it really soothes out the skin. Pro-tip, I like to apply a lighter layer of this during the daytime, but at night when my skin feels drier than usual, I would apply a slightly thicker amount. Trust me, you'll love your skin when you wake up the next morning. 

Prettian Silky Brightening Cream

And to complete the skincare regime, we have the Prettian Silky Brightening Cream to give the skin an extra glow. At a first impression, you may think this is a brightening cream, but after using the product, I would say that this is more of a corrector cream rather than brightens. Don't get me wrong, it does brighten the skin, it's just that it's more focused on lightening pigmentations and acne scars. Because it 'brightens' these dark spots that I have on my skin, I would say that it does a pretty good job of brightening the skin along the way. It comes in a 60ml tube bottle and I would usually dab about a pea size on my finger before spreading it over my skin. 

The fact that it comes in a tube bottle, I would have to say it's really easy to control the amount of cream that you need. You can choose to either apply this all over your face or at targetted areas, but if youre asking me, I just apply throughout my face in hopes to get a more even skin tone as a result. I've been using this for about a week now, and i would have to say that it does give my skin a better glow than before I started using it. The texture is creamy, but as you spread it over your face, you'd be surprised at how lightweight it feels. 


As a verdict of this Prettian Skincare, I would have to say that im pretty impressed with the products. They may be pretty new in the market, but when it comes to quality and result oriented products, I can confidently say that their products are formulated to target your skin concerns. I love how minimal the range is making it less complicated to keep up with. The price for the triple oil cleanser would be RM128, whereas for the Moisturizing cream and the Brightening cream it's going for RM108 each. You may think these are a little more pricey comparing to drug store skincare, but rest assured, the price youre paying for is actually reflecting the quality of the ingredients. After a week of using their products, I would say that I do see visible improvements in my skin condition in which I can conclude to recommend you to try this skincare range out. For more details on Prettian, feel free to check out their official website for more info.



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