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Signature Market's Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Gift Box | 2020 Christmas Present Ideas

With Christmas being just around the corner, i would have to say that im not letting the Covid invasion ruin Christmas for me. Since its the month of gifting, and you may be looking for options to find the perfect gift for your family and friends, i would really recommend you to consider the Signature Market's Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Gift Box. I received this as a gift, and im so happy to share with you my thoughts on it. So let me break it down to you on why you should consider this gift box or get it to just gift it to yourself. 

The Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Gift Box is a very versatile gift that offers a bundle of things that would encourage relaxation and pure serenity. First off, you must be wondering whats in the box? This gift box is a perfect combination of everything you need to refresh & reset which includes a bundle of room spray, clean air essential oil blend, uplift charm essential oil roller, a portal diffuser and an aroma stone that comes in a pouch. With all these being conveniently packed in a ready to give gift box, this would not disappoint anyone who receives this. 

The Diffuser + Clean the Air Essential Oil Blend

Starting off with the diffuser, it comes in a really nice size that you can simply place it anywhere around the house or office. It comes with a usb cable, making it easy to set up anywhere as long as you have a power bank or an adapter with you. This works perfectly well with the Clean the Air Essential Oil Blend that comes with the gift box, and honestly, if you've been having a rough morning, i can guarantee that this blend would change your mood from a bad day to an instant refresh & reset! The first thing i do when i wake up would be to turn this on, and i noticed that even my husband enjoys the relaxing aroma.

Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Room Spray

I honestly didn't think i would love this as much, but really, this is incomparable to the diffuser as it has its own strengths. I usually love using this after setting the bed in the bedroom and also if i want an extra boost in aroma in the living room as well. It has a very light refreshing scent that would brighten the mood in every corner of the room. Its really convenient to use considering it comes in a spray bottle, and on average, i would spray for at least 3-4 times for each location that would provide me with just the right amount of aroma. 

Plant Origins Uplift Charm Essential Oil Roller

Now this is an innovative oil roller! Since it comes in a roller bottle of 10ml, its really convenient to bring it around with you wherever you go. I bring this around in my handbag, and it really comes in handy when im feeling tired or stressed. Since im not an expert in determining the EO used in this, i would say as an overall that the scent of this oil roller is really calming and relaxing with hints of mild scents that would uplift the mood and situation. All you need to do it rub it over your wrist or behind your ear loob, and the EO would accompany you throughout the day for at least 2-3 hours for each application. 

Aroma Stone & Pouch

At first im was wondering what is the function of this Aroma Stone & pouch, btu after going through to what makes sense, i actually consider this as an on-the-go diffuser! I actually applied a few drops of oil blend onto the stone, and basically wrapped it back up in the pouch to 'preserve' the EO on it. When i need to use it, such as when im driving, i would bring this with me and it would fill the car with a refreshing scent for a relaxing drive. 


Well, since i got a little curious, i went to the official site of Signature Market to find out the price of the gift box and found it to be only at RM150! For the quality and presentation of the products, i would have to say that this gift set is worth more than that amount. Overall, i would say that this makes a perfect gift for anyone looking to refresh & reset or even simply as a gift for yourself when you need to pamper yourself. I love it and the gift box is definitely worth every penny spent! Be sure to get it while stocks last as im planning to get the Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Aromatherapy Gift Box for backup. 

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