Thursday, October 1, 2015

Everyday is Pets Day at Petsmore.

Just look at this baby, animal lovers, say aiye.
On the 30th of September, i was invited to attend the Pets Day Out Event which was held at Petsmore PJ SS2 outlet. Filled with animal lovers, it was truly a joyful event to be able to interact with animals at an actual event. Hehe. As much as i wanted to bring my little furball, Pandora out, i was a little tight on time, so i didnt manage to fetch her from home to take her out to the event.

Mr Sean Saw, COO of Petsmore giving a speech.
At the event, we had COO of Petsmore, Mr. Sean Saw, who introduced their in-store promotions on their grooming services. As of now, Petsmore is actually encouraging dog/cat owners on sending their pets to grooming services, to give a little pampering session to their pets. The pricing on their promotion:

1 | RM150 ONLY for the First Trial Cat Basic Grooming Package (Save RM265)
+ This has 5 sessions in total, which includes ear cleaning, nail care, bathing and blow drying.

2| RM100 ONLY for the First Trial Dog Basic Grooming Package (Save RM195)
+ This includes 5 sessions, and your canine will get services such as eye trimming, leg trimming, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, nail care, shaving of paw pad, stomach, private area cleaning of anal gland, and bathing & blow drying.

Mr. Sean also said that "Another sought after service at Petsmore is our Spa Grooming service - Micro Bubbles SPA System. You pets are in for a total pampering treat as this Micro Bubbles SPA System offers anti bacterial deep cleansing effect. This Micro Bubbles SPA System is stricly hypoallergenic and improves therapeutic effects while enhancing the immunity of pets. " Well said Mr. Sean.

Dog hotel // Cat hotel room similar setting.
If you are unaware, they also have a pet hotel in hope that more pet owners have the  peace of mind that their furry family member are well taken care of during their absence. Mr Sean assured that their staffs not only well trained, but are also animal lovers who are passionate about the pets well-being. Each room will include daily cleaning, disinfection, supply of food and fresh water, and also individual ventilation system, which assures a 5-star boarding service for your furry buddy.

A staff grooming the poodle.
And this here looks like a little baby, dont you think so? hehe
Attendees to the Pets Day out was given a treat to experience a grooming presentation by the staffs from Petsmore, and from the looks of it, they do look like theyre well trained on how to handle pets. Even the pets look really happy during the presentation. I was definitely impressed on how the dogs were so obedient too.

4 levels of pet needs.
The after grooming photoshoot session
The highlight of the day was to really present the newly refurbished outlets today with wider walkways with clearer section indicators and new aquatic sections for pet fish lovers. So it can be said that Petsmore has put a lot of effort to ensure that their customers and the pets are well taken care of in a more comfortable environment. Petsmore in SS2 is one of the newly refurbished outlets in Klang Valley, so be sure to check them out when you drop by as they have 4 floors for you to discover.

Some promotions
Some promotions
Some promotions
Psst, i managed to walk around the store myself and spotted some insane deals for you to spend on your pet. Theres more with big variety of choices to choose from which gives you more reasons to spoil your pet even more. hehe. Also, do check out their promo ad below. SO CUTE, that is a must watch ok?

Here's me and Miera holding onto our real life prop of the day. Arent they adorable?
Well, i think i shall end my post here cause my cat here is already asking for some LTC. hehe. Do not hesitate to ask me about Petsmore, and i would glad to answer your needs. For more information, do check out or to get the latest update.

Prices for accommodation:
+ Superior Suite, 1 pet || RM42 per day
+ Royal Suite, 2 pets (maximum) || RM73 per day

1 year membership:
RM12 // 1 year

Sara xx


  1. cat too!! but no time to have cat at the moment!!

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