Monday, October 19, 2015

Fragrance Du Bois has reached 1!

Birthday event space.
Fragrance Du Bois is a niche, of luxury perfumes, and they're celebrating their first anniversary this October at Starhill Gallery. When it comes to celebrating birthdays, Fragrance Du Bois really makes sure that its more than grand, just like their collections of OUD. So, congratulations Fragrance Du Bois upon reaching the big 1 !

Banners were hung up in conjunction with their 1st Anniversary. 
With banners up everywhere in Starhill Gallery, its a doubt that it wouldn't attract attention from passer by's. Fragrance Du Bois is acknowledged to be the ONLY fragrance brand in the world that guarantees the use of only sustainably sourced pure OUD oil, and all are specially handcrafted by the  worlds leading innovative perfumers. Talk about top notch quality right there!

The concept store in Starhill Gallery
Located on F6 Explore Floor of Starhill Gallery, even their concept store defines their brand really well. When you buy luxury, you shop in luxury, making sure you feel at home and comfortable. Managed to get a chat with Nicola Parker, the Brand Diretor of Fragrance Du Bois who shared that they started the brand in 2013, and the boutiques finally became realities last year.

The current 9 scents by Fragrance Du Bois.
* My top 3 picks
Cloche method of smelling the fragrance + an introduction of the scent description
She continued "some of the highlights we saw include expanding to become a multi-retailer, housing some of the worlds most exclusive fragrance brands, and collaborating with Jordanian artiste Nadeem Nour on a song dedicated to the precious and extraordinary ingredient, OUD. We are also expecting big developments by the end of 2015, so keep an eye out for them".

Bakhoor woodchips to produce Oud oil
On the go, serum pens.
A little information on Oud, Oud is a source of oil which comes from a special rare, costly wood called Bakhoor. Due to its depletion of the wild resource, Fragrance Du Bois only uses selected sustainably grown trees in protection of the species which are legally certified and approved by CITES. The Serum Pens really attracted my attention too! Available in 10 shades of fragrances, this serum pen delivers just the right amount of fragrance where and when you want it. Its concentrated, intense, but also moisturising and long lasting which adds a beneficial feature!

Fragrance bar.
A guest giving a smell to the latest scent of 'London Oud'.
In celebration of their first anniversary, Fragrance Du Bois is launching one of its latest fragrances, 'London Oud' which has tested well with both men and women in a limited initial run. Created by fifth generation Master Perfumer, François Merle-Baudoin says that ' London oud opens up with freshness and vitality with top notes of spearmint, lemon and bergamot, before developing with its calming middle notes of flowers from lavender and jasmine'. I'd say that the scent has a spicy and woody base note too leaving a scent of oud, nutmeg, cargamom and patchouli, leaving a seductive scent.
Live band performance.

Steve Watts, CEO of Asia Plantation Capital Berhad, Tunku Naquiyuddin, Director of Asia Plantation Capital Berhad and Nicola Parker, Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois pose for a photo with the all new London Oud.
With live music being played at their birthday bash, attendees were excited to witness the official launch of 'London Oud'. With a range of exclusive, exotic fragrances that evokes a sense of nostalgia and sophistication, Fragrance Du Bois has gained a total following worldwide, ignited by curiosity and a fascination for the luxury heady scent of Oud.

The lucky draw winners of the night.
Be a part of their Celebration and win yourself a lucky gift from Fragrance Du Bois! (click image to enlarge)
The new Fragrance Du Bois 'London Oud'
If youre looking for a special gift for your special other half, or for your parents, or a really close friend, be sure to give Fragrance Du Bois a go, and i will assure that you wont regret! I got myself a bottle of Fragrance Du Bois Oud Rose Intense, it really got heads turning. Hehe. Im in love because it would last me the entire day, and im not even kidding! Looking for a hantaran gift? THIS IS IT, cause i know i'll be getting mine from Fragrance Du Bois very soon ;) You can also create your own fragrance btw if you want to be different.

Be sure to drop by Fragrance Du Bois's store in Starhill Gallery, or do visit their Official Website or Facebook page to keep up with their latest updates. Do not hesitate to share me your thoughts by leaving a comment below yeah? ;)

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