Thursday, October 29, 2015

[REVIEW] MiaCare Acne Patch ; For day & Night

Say Goodbye to Acne
Good morning! Im starting today with a review of MiaCare Acne Patch. They can be said very new in the market, and theyre doing pretty well cause when i wanted to restock my packs of MiaCare at home, the stores ran out of it. Now im reminding myself to grab and go whenever i see them in stores. haha. Wondering why are these acne patches selling out fast? Well, im about to tell you why.

Seal Sticker
Comes with instructions, and patches sealed in a pack
These patches are practically 'life saviours' when youre in need to get rid of acne. In my experience, i usually would get an acne attack at a certain time of the month. Its either when my periods are coming, or when im cleaning the house, and BAM, the next day, acne's spots on my face. And thanks to MiaCare, they have made it easier to remove acne within less than 72 hours!

Some information
Some information
Each pack of MiaCare Day & Night Acne Patch comes with a pack of Day Patches, a pack of Night patches and a guideline book on how to use this life saviour patches. What these patches do basically would be that they absorb the icky white stuff which are also known as pus, from your acne, then acts as a protective layer to prevent bacteria infection, leaving your face acne free without scars.

How do i use MiaCare?

Well since the pack comes with instructions, its not that hard to really use them. But based on the instructions, its advisable to make sure that your acne and your hands are dry and clean to minimise on bacteria contact.

Tear one patch out
Once your hands and face are clean, first you might need to tear off one of the acne patches then remove it half way to release the paper. Next attach the center of the patch to the acne and remove the remaining paper. Gently press the patch for 3-5 seconds for better adhesion and invisibility.

Individual piece
When Acne patch becomes white in colour OR if you have used it for more than 12 hours, replace it with a new patch for faster recovery. Acne patches are to be used until acne is completely healed, but in my case, it goes away after 3 patches which is equivalent to 1 and a half days. Woohoo!

Tear half the paper out and stick the patch do desired acne.
And thats about it! What makes MiaCare Acne Patch unique is that they have designed ultra thin patches which makes acne look invisible. The difference between the day and night patches doesnt look as different, but they function differently which i believe is a great effort by MiaCare.

The Difference

The difference.
Day patch
Day patches reduce and clear acne invisibly, and if its not invisible enough, you can always apply a layer of make up to cover it up.

Night patch
Night patches are slightly more obvious when applied to acne, but the absorption rate is higher since all you do at night is sleep.

The Verdict

+ Day patches are ultra thin
+ Night patches has stronger absorption of acne pus
+ Easy to Tear off patches individually
+ Fast Recovery
+ No scarring

Say goodbye to acne the minute you say hello to MiaCare. Its amazing how MiaCare Acne Patches are ultra thin and absorbs acne pus, without leaving any scars. Thanks to MiaCare, i will giving 3 lucky readers a chance to experience MiaCare acne patches themselves!


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Its really not that hard to get yourselves these
Good Luck and all the best! Be sure to visit MiaCare's official Facebook Page to keep yourself updated with their latest products ok? Till my next post



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