Saturday, October 29, 2016

KOSÉ AEON Midvalley Re-opening

The Re-opening of Kosé AEON Midvalley
I've been a loyal fan of Kosé and still currently a huge fan of Kosé because it works really well with my skin. I was honored to be a part of the KOSÉ AEON Midvalley Re-opening Party earlier this week with fellow blogger friends, and i cant wait to share the HUGE surprise with you guys. Kosé's counter had a fresher revamp and i love how they were giving out balloons to passerby's to celebrate the occasion. Curious about the huge surprise? Scroll away till the end of this blog post!

My favourite range on display
The KOSÉ AEON Midvalley counter follows a minimalist concept with monochrome colours featuring black and white which i found rather interesting. Kosé products are colour coordinated depending on which range you prefer, so with the black and white counter setting, it makes it super easy to identify the ranges and to browse through what Kosé has to offer.

Tadaa, how do you love my diy masterpiece?
Just look at all those sparkles!
Messages of positivity
Bloggers and media members who attended the event had a little fun activity to do where we were given the chance to design our own Christmas ornament. Attached above would be a picture of my final creation, and it wouldnt harm to ask you guys about what do you think about it? Teehee. Why a Christmas ornament you may ask? Well, thats where the fun is! Kosé decided to bring Christmas early for everyone by introducing their latest collection! Thank you so much Kosé.

Latest edition by Koseé, Esprique
Loving the two usable ends
If you think Kosé has done their best in providing quality products to customers, well think again cause Kosé surprised us with the latest makeup series, ESPRIQUE, the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow liquid. With 3 different shades available within the range, you would definitely find the perfect shade to suit you. Im more interested in their eyebrow liquid, cause its something away from the norms. So why not drop by Kosé's AEON counter and give these eyebrow pencil/liquid a go while being assisted by their friendly beauty specialist.

Infinity Kosé compact powder
Set deals anyone?
Another product which caught my eye would be the Infinity Kosé compact powder. Before i say anything else, i have to just highlight that i love the floral bling packaging. If you love the packaging, wait till you give the lightweight powder a go. Formulated to be SUPER light on your skin, making your skin looking as soft as snow. And again, with the re-opening party, they've decided to have a promotion by selling the Infinity Kosé at a steal price inclusive of 2 refills to last you long enough till you buy your next one. hehe. A deal not to be missed!

With my blogger friend, Rika :)
So there you have it! I guess being a Kosé fan myself, I'm still in love with the Kosé Sekkisei Lotion for doing justice to my skin. And if you haven't given Kosé a chance, be sure to visit the counter pronto and at least try out their Sekkisei Lotion and rest assured that you wouldn't be disappointed. In conjunction to their re-opening, there will be on-going promotions such as the promotional images attached above. Congratulations to Kosé once again for the re-opening of Kosé AEON Midvalley! For more details and updated on Kosé Malaysia, you can always visit or

Sara xx

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