Friday, October 14, 2016

[Roadshow + Launch] Bare Review

Introducing to you, bare for bare
Hello and good morning! Today i'll be sharing to you a new body and hair care brand called bare, a brand inspired in Singapore, a.k.a our neighboring country. I managed to pop by Bare's launch Roadshow which is happening from 10th to 16th October 2016 at Mid Valley Megamall in front of Sa Sa and i found that the concept of the brand was rather unique. With a tagline of bare for bare, you had to admit that it sounds like its suppose feel all natural when applied to your skin. Lets find out!

Mandatory backdrop pose
Bare for bare was introduced to me by a staff on duty as the botanical home spa series and it was no question why. The brand features varieties of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, giving you the option to be spoiled with choices. But since lotion was the easiest to try on, especially when it comes to testing the scent, i decided to give a few swipes on my skin. With just one swipe of the lotion, i honestly can say that the formulation was impressive. With Bare being out in the market, you can say goodbye to the sticky icky lotion that leaves your skin feeling sticky, and say hello to this water base formula by Bare to keep you moisturized and fresh to last you the entire day.

Did you know that you can customise your own lotion with bare?
I was told that the body care range prides itself with its one-of- its kind formulation that allows you to create your own scent concoctions which was designed to caters to your skin needs. And yep, i said it right. Since i was at the roadshow, i was given the chance to join a mini DIY workshop where we were given the chance to get all hands on to mix and match our favourite lotion scents into a mini bottle that we were allowed to bring back home. So if you happen to be there, why not give yourself a little treat by visiting the roadshow as a mini spa visit instead. Teehee

The body range come in two sizes, 300ml and 500ml
5 different botanical scents
The Bare Body Care Range comes in 5 options, namely in Bergamot & Geranium, Peppermint, Rosemary, Green Tea and Lemongrass & Ginger. And each of these are catered to treat dry skin or to brighten skin, you name it because i can confidently say that you'll find something that suits you best. The formula also incorporates 24hr moisture lock properties, keeping the skin supple and fresh all day long.

Hair Care: 7 different scents to choose from
The Bare Hair Care Range, on the other hand comes in 7 variants of shampoo's and conditioners, perfect for each day of the week. The hair care range also comes in a mix and match concept while educating users on the need of the different ingredients used in your daily hair regime especially to treat various hair problems. So even by just reading the labels on the bottle, it thought me a thing or two about getting the right nutrients for my hair.

Getting hands on with their lotions
Let the mixing begin!
For beginners, get yourself the bare body lotion miniature set (NP:RM29.90)
Also, did you know that their products are Paraben free too? As amazing as these products sound, if you think its to good to be true, why not head on over to their Roadshow happening at Mid Valley from the 10th of October till the 16th of October 2016. Dont miss out on their promotional offers where you can get these products at discounted prices. Psst; as a beginner, i would highly recommend you to keep an eye on their Bare Body Lotion Miniature Set which is going at RM25.90 (NP: RM29.90).

Roadshow pormotions
The Roadshow space
Never knew that body lotions can be fun, especially when you can mix out the scents and customise it on your own. The Bare's full range of products are now exclusively at all SASA retail stores across Malaysia. For more updates on latest  launches, events and promotions please follow them on Facebook at bare4bare and Instagram at bareforbare or visit their official website at


  1. I have always loved customised products and now that we can do so for body lotions, I am definitely not giving this a miss. Thanks for sharing this great piece of information.

  2. Great info, ive never liked sticky lotions or those oily ones. With this water base sounds like a must try.

  3. thanks for sharing the great information, customizing own lotion looks so fun

  4. Do they have durian flavor? hehe

  5. Definitely interesting mixing different fragrance to suit our preference! Cool idea

  6. this one no try yet. whats the price range?

  7. love their name and packaging. this is something new to me, but seems worth exploring!

  8. New brand name to me. Great time for Xmas gift!

  9. Their scents are pretty lovely Aliza dear and when you have a good mix with the consistancy, its certainly very refreshing too :)