Saturday, October 15, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; September 2016 Box

Unboxing my Cubecrate September Box!
Hey y'all. Its time to unbox my September 2016 CubeCrate box and just in case you are unaware, CubeCrate has been filling peoples lifes with mysteries for a year now. And i have to say congratulations to CubeCrate for getting themselves this far. Things has been going on pretty well, with better improvements by their constructive team in always being ever ready for feedback. (Way to go guys! #teamgoals). And can you believe that i've never gotten bored of getting mystery items from CubeCrate. Love surprises? Just subscribe already!

Here's a sneak peak of whats inside
Septembers box is a little heavy than usual, and i assume its because the content of the box contains drinks. In conjunction with health month which falls every September of the year, CubeCrate decides to join in the fun by providing healthy snacks in this months box which i spotted as i took a sneak peak into the contents. Cant wait to find out whats inside? Scroll away!

Oishi Green Tea

FunFact: Did you know that Oishi means Delicious in Japanese?
Being a health freak myself, green tea has always been in my monthly diet, especially when it comes to detoxing. Oishi is not something unusual as it happens to be one of my favourite drinks to grab on the go on a hot sunny day. But since its in the box, i do hope those who discover this for the first time would love it as much as i do as its brewed from 100% organic tea leaves, grown on certified organic plantations. Yums~

Scoby Farm

This is something NEW to me! Scoby Farm
And i finally found another culprit who contributed into the weight of this month's CubeCrate box, Scoby Farm. I have to say that this would be my favourite mystery of the month as Scoby Farm makes home-made Signature Kombucha with a mission to promote probiotic drinks as a healthy alternative to conventional Soda Drinks. Its at the moment available at M+ Pharmacy Bangsar Village 1, but if you would like to order some of their special Kombucha drinks, you can always check them out on facebook at


Scored myself 2 packs of amzin'graze!
This would look super yummy in salad and a bowl of cereals
Another healthy treat within the box would be Amazin'graze! I remember seeing them at bazaars and its great to see CubeCrate getting them to contribute into this months CubeCrate box! Amazin'graze uses high quality raw ingredients, local spices and flavours to create fun amazing flavours dancing in your mouth. If you havent tried their snacks before, you better thank CubeCrate for getting them in for you because they taste AMAZING (no wonder their brand name relates to how it taste). And boy, you have no idea how happy i was to find out that i got TWO packs of snacks from my CubeCrate box this month. Holla at cha Cubecrate! Mucho Gracias <3

The Honey Hearts

Buzzin with Honey Hearts
Next in my box would be 2 sticks of honey from The Honey Hearts. I do recall receiving this in another CubeCrate box earlier this year, and its great to see something so yummy being available in the box again. Hehe. These honey sticks are usually great as a substitute to your sugar for your tea, or you can always enjoy it with waffles or fruits! Not a regular fan of honey? Try use honey in your tea instead and you would not regret.

Does your home needs service? 
Another interesting feature i found in the box would be the brochure. According to the brochure, provides services direct to your home, solving problems such as aircon leaking, pipe dripping and even renovations! I decided to visit their site, and boy it was like i hit a home service jackpot! All you could possible ask for to improve your home is there in one website. And just in time too, as i have an aircon leaking in my room, this calls for a service test on
And thats my September box from Cubecrate!
And there you have it, a healthier lifestyle thanks to CubeCrate's September box. Healthier snack, and a healthier home as a conclusion to this months box. If you love getting random content and products each month, why not head on over to for more information on how you can subscribe to their CubeCrate boxes. Teehee. Do leave me a comment below if you have any other further questions as i would love to share my thoughts with you too

Sara xx


  1. This is the first time I've heard of Cubecrate, and seems kind of cool to have monthly healthy surprises on your doorstep. My Mom would definitely appreciate these :D

  2. Such a great box to receive monthly! You get to try new products and be surprised!

  3. wow very interesting box. sure heavy coz there's drinks inside lol... love oishi a lot.

  4. Agree with you! It's never bored to receive mystery gifts every month! :D I would love to sign up one for myself too :D

    1. Hi, check us out then

  5. It's feel happy to receive surprise mystery box every month! The selection for September is definitely a healthy and organic month!

  6. Wootz! I love the Scoby Farm home-made Signature Kombucha. Its so cute and delicious too.

  7. The box looks good Aliza dear and I have to say that I absolutely love Honey Sticks, so its great that they have included them in the box too :) Will certainly check them out.

  8. Interesting stuffs from CubeCrate, will check it out too :)

  9. I'd love to receive books, movie tickets and spa products!

  10. I'd love to receive books, movie tickets and spa products!

    1. we can make that happen, subscribe to us and we can curate ;)

  11. I didn't know got this interesting box until I read this.. gonna check it out..