Monday, October 24, 2016

[REVIEW] Alpacasso Café | Theme Café by Anista Tokyo

The Anista Tokyo X Alpacasso Cafe
Earlier this week, I was invited for a food review and it was definitely a one of a kind cafe. Inspired by the Japanese, this theme cafe by Anista Tokyo has finally made its way to Malaysia with their first outlet in Aeon Mid Valley. What's special about this theme café is that the theme changes every 2 months. Just to entertain fans from all ages to get a chance to spend a day enjoying their meals surrounded by their favorite Japanese anime character. Since I was recently invited, the current theme of the cafe is the Alpacasso.

Just because these Alpacasso's are so cute!
The dining area 
The Garden Green Salad | RM19.80
White Aplacasso Beef Burger | RM29.80
White Alpacasso Chicken Burger | RM28.80
Alpacasso Curry Island | RM26.80
The café's unique concept would be that as the theme changes, the menu changes as well, making  your experience interesting and different every time you plan a visit. At the current theme, Alpacasso Café, they served 4 varieties as the main course where you have the option to choose either the Alpacasso Curry Island, White Alpacasso Burger (Chicken or Beef) and a Garden Green Salad. Interestingly, these dishes are inspired by the animated character itself, making the dishes looking too cute to even be eaten. Don't believe me? I'll let the pictures do all the talking.

Fluffly Aplacasso Pancakes | RM 25.80
Summer Danish Pilllow | RM25.80
Potted Cheesecake | RM22.80
Potted Cheesecake | RM22.80 (Close up shot)
And what's a meal without desserts right? On the menu, they presented 3 options to choose from where you can either order a Fluffy Alpacasso Pancakes, Summer Danish Pillow or the Potted Cheesecake. I've attached some images below and you have to admit that these desserts are well presented! Personally sharing you my experience, among the 3 desserts, I would have to say that my ultimate favorite would be the potted cheesecake! It's not too sweet, and for every order of this dessert, you will get to bring the mug back as a gift for yourself! YAY!

Cotton Candy Alpacasoda | RM24.80
Garden Fresh Smoothie | RM17.80
Alpacasso Latte | RM14.80
Not to forget the variety of drinks they serve ranging from latte's, soda and smoothies to choose from.  They had more varieties of the drinks, but I think the unique drinks that you have to consider ordering would be the cotton candy aplacassoda, garden fresh smoothie, and the alpacasso latte (hot). These three drinks would be the modified versions of drinks which follows the theme of the cafe. Since I'm not a coffee lover, I ordered the Cotton Candy Alpaccasoda which had an interesting presentation that made the animated Alpacasso looked as if it was brought to reality.

And if youre a fan, why not bring home an Anista Tokyo Alpaca?
So there you have it! I dont't want to talk too much cause I shall let the pictures do all the talking. But as a verdict, I would have to say that the pricing of the menu is a little steep. Don't go if you're extremely hungry, but if you're a light eater looking for some fun in your food, please proceed to visit the Alpacasso Cafe for a Japanese experience. You will definitely be able to take insta-worthy photos or plan a private birthday function surrounded by the cute Japanese characters.

Alpacasso Cafe Menu
Get a Latte for free when you purchase more than RM50!
The Aplacasso Cafe will only be available until the 15th of November 2016, and after that, they'll be a new theme and menu coming up! You can be as creative to figure out what could the next theme be? I was only given a hint that this character is a hit worldwide, but because I'm biased to my favorite characters, I'm gonna guess it's either Pokemon, Sailormoon, Doraemon, One Piece or Rilakkuma. Tehee. If you have any inquiries on the Theme Cafe, do leave me a comment below as I'll be glad to get back to you on it. For more updates on Anista Tokyo, do not hesitate to visit for more information.

Sara xx


  1. What a great idea to change the theme and menu of the restaurant every few weeks! It’s like visiting a different restaurant every time. The food looks almost too cute to be consumed.

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