Monday, October 31, 2016

[REVIEW] Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion

Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion Review
Hello, beauty lovers, i think we all know how advance our compacts has evolved, from compact powder to compact cushions. And to every beauty enthusias, its a must to at least have one compact cushion in our beauty drawers to be considered as a beauty junkie! With compact cushion making a hit in the  world of beauty, it can be a little tricky to pick the right compact cushion when theres just so many varieties. Just to ease you down with decisions, i'll be sharing a review with you on the latest Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++.

Press, click and open!
The First Tri-Color CC Cushion
Presenting the Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ happens to be the first tri-color swirl CC Cushion that contains Rose water essence (& yes, i said rose water). The compact features 3 colors swirls which consist of CC Foundation, Pink Rose Water Essence and Brigtening White Essence, providing the perfect blend of coverage. And to be honest, i was already convince when it claims that it provides moisturizing benefits, balance out skin tone, brightens the skin, conceals, restores and protects your skin from the sun. Since i have slightly dry skin, i would say that i love how the cushion is rather moisturizing and that it doesnt end up making my skin looking dry. YAY! (plus points to Cyber Colors)


What the box looks like
Whats inside the box
Each box of Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ contains a Rosy Glow CC Cushion, an air cushion sponge with an additional cushion refill. Which is also equivalent to getting two cushions instead of 1 for each purchase! I would personally say that each cushion would last me for about 2-3 months, depending how often you use it. So im actually glad that a box would at least last me 'almost' half the year.

The exclusive air cushion sponge
I was told that the air cushion sponge has been specially designed with 80,000 micro holes which are able to infuse the foundation cream with bubbles, enabling it to create a silky coverage on skin. Since its also water resistant, it helps to maintain the foundation creams luminosity and prevents caking on skin. So beauty friends, just a head up that you wont be getting your ordinary sponge when you purchase this compact. *wink


Press into cushion, and gently tap face
I know it may be a little confusing when it comes to tri-colour compact cushions, but its actually not at all complicated. Like any other compact cushion, to apply, lightly dap the sponge on the cushion then swipe the sponge across the skin to spread the cream evenly. Next, gently tap in circular motions to evenly blend the foundation for better coverage. And you're done!

Make up tips! 
But what makes the Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ unique is that you can use the color on the cushion proportionally to create different make up effects! For a Rosy Glow, dap more of the Pinky side of the cushion then apply it to face, or if youre trying to look fairer, dap the white side of the cushion then apply it evenly to face. Im not too sure if you can see the difference in the image above, but if you look closely, the whitening glow has a fairer shade and the rosy glow is slightly pinkish on skin.


Tro-coloured purposes
A little in-depth detail of the product, since it "tri-coloured", you might wonder what are the ingredients of each colour represents. To make it convinient for you, i'll list down the purpose of it below for youre reference:
  • CC Foundation Cream (Beige area)
Contains concealing and skin reparing benefits. With just one tap, it cover pores naturally and evenly. It also has sun protection benefits of SPF 50 PA+++, which helps to protect skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • Pink Rose Water Essence (Pink area)
Contains rose water, which nourish and moisturizes skin for a brighter and radiant complexion with a light touch of pink. 
  • Brightening White Essence (White area) 
Contains snow lotus, chamomile, pansy flower extract and hyaluronic acid. It effectively helps to brighten the skin, remove dullness, refine aging wrinkles and improve skin elasticity giving the skin a noticeably brighter and smoother complexion after application.

Applied to face with only the CC Cushion
After adding additional make up 
The Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ is now available exclusively at all Sa Sa stores, and it reatails ar RM169 for a box which includes a Rosy Glow CC Cushion, an air cushion sponge with an additional cushion refill. Visit your nearest Sa Sa store today and maybe give this cushion compact a go! Do let me know what you think about it, and if you have any other enquiries, do not hessitate to leave me a comment below and i'd be glad to get back to you.

Sara xx


  1. Sound interesting. My current favorite to try cushion foundation and so on... It is easy and compact to bring along especially when travel. Tak payah bawak sebotol foundation dah.. Hahahaa..

  2. Wow I love the combination, all in 1 bb cushion. You look glowing.

  3. I don't like Cyber color babe!!! Cause last time thier cream gave me a bad breakout. But maybe dah lama tu now this one better. Do you have breakout after?

  4. I haven't try out many cushion before, but this one seems to give a perfect skin correction :)

  5. oh gosh, this is just so pretty... and it definitely look good on you....

  6. brightly beaming smile of a happy customer...hhehhhehe it looks like an interesting product to try...

  7. very lovely product by SaSa! Would check it out at their store. perhaps buy one to try too

  8. Love this cushion and the shades are brilliant for any evening time.

  9. Nice...I loved this tri-color idea. I use cushion which is just one color only.

  10. I love their CC Cushion and the color blend when with our skin. Natural color that suit Asian skin.

  11. I'm looking for something similar to use for daily, will check out this brand :)

  12. so this thing can be used daily? wow, like it, can look beautiful everyday.

  13. This is an interesting BB cushion! Tri colours, and I love that they put the rose water in it too!

  14. thing for me!!!Love the combination!!

  15. I bought one last monday at rm135 coz got discount. Yet to use it but already tried at Sasa store. Hopefully its good in long term

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