Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nights Of Fright 4 | Face your Fears Review

At the launch of the Nights of Fright 4
When there is light, there is darkness. And since its October, Sunway Lagoon opened its gates to those who dare walk through the grounds of the undead and the uncertainty of the night. From the 7th till the 31st of October, Nights of Fright 4 (NOF4) will bring visitors face to face with their fears as local urban legends, Hollywood horror icons, and modern ghost stories are brought to life.

All ready to scare our souls out
This year, Asia's Best Attraction has included fright, fear, and fun through only the best horror themes surroundings manifested to present a ghastly den of eight haunted houses, six scare zones and 11 after-dark amusement rides. And let's face it, theme parks at night can be a little scary, it makes it worst when you see horror legends walking around trying to slaughter you as you walk pass by them.

Chaonei #81 Possesed in UV3D
Along the pathways of DIYU - Journey of Judgement
The Haunted Houses features, with Chaonei No #81 n UV3D where Beijing's most famous haunted house has a tragic concoction of love forlorn and guilt possesses a promising Opera Singer during her torrid affair with the husband of the house. Next features the DIYU- Journey of Judgement as you walk and delce into the unknown realm where your next life is determined by walking through your fate on the bridge.

The Malaya High School
And locals would love to go back to highschool, the MALAYA HIGH SCHOOL where a crime so horrific has taken place in the classroom upstairs. Explore and discover the debauchery that has since deemed tightly closed, until now. I was thankful to be able to survive through the journey as I pass by the locker rooms, but as a personal insight, this would be the perfect ice-breaker for those who fears the dark as the journey is not as long as the other haunted houses.

Kevil Industries
In KEVIN HILL, there is a cold evil presented at the modern dystopian world where you will uncover a mix of cryogenically frozen zombies, brought to chilling hard-life following a massive explosion in the mysterious Kevin Hill Cryonics Corporation headquarters. Spooky as it is, you would be glad to see the exit as your run your way out to reality.

GhostBusters Adventure Live!
Mandatory photo opt
Horrorwood Studios
Head over to New York in THE GHOSTBUSTERS ADVENTURE LIVE! as you witness the worlds most famous ghost busters spotting the ghost. And maybe right after you can indulge your fears with encounters at HORRORWOOD STUDIOS. While I was walking through Horrorwood Studios, I have to say that I was frighten walking through a deserted alley of a zombie apocalypse. (You have been warned).

Spotted the undead // Face Painting anyone?
Some monsters escaped Kevil Industries
Don't stare too long as they'll get to your soul
As you navigate your way around the park, you better keep a lookout on who you bump into as there is an extensive range of characters wandering around the nocturnal playground and scare zones which also means that there are many great opportunities for some awesome photographs to show your friends that you met their nightmares in person.

Just because these spooks love to pose for the camera
The Clown Collective Zone
Get your fortune told while you're there
While you're there, you can keep a lookout for AH WINGS BUTCHER SHOP, the TANAH PERKUBURAN BUKIT LANG as you hear screams of the tortured souls and other horrifying zones which includes THE LONDON FOG, KEVIN HILL TOWNSHIP, THE ZOMBIE WALK and THE CLOWN COLLECTIVE. I have to say that the clowns were rather horrifying as they were not at all funny up close.

We spotted a zombie so we decided to take a photo with it
Lost some blood? Recharge with some blood fuel (a.k.a watermelon juice)
For doses of fun in between scares and scream, you can hop on their rides in a once in a year "after-dark" setting. Buckle up and take on favorites with a darker twist on your favorites as you keep yourself away from the ghost and monsters wandering through the theme park. I'm happy to see that they had a new list of horrifying attractions that are inspired by a combination of popular Asian and international folklores that will send chills down your spine.

The London Fog Alley
Nights of Fright 4
The map of the Nights of Fright
Nights Of Fright 4 comes to life at 7.30pm to 11.30pm every Friday to Sunday from 7th to 30th October including 31st October 2016. Tickets are priced at RM58 (normal price), RM 50 (student price) with exclusive promotions such as RM120 (one admission Sunway Lagoon pass & one NOF4 ticket) and a Buy 2 for RM80 (entry dates only on Sundays). Be sure to play your nights ahead as I remind you once again that the ghost only comes to play ONLY ON FRIDAY TO SUNDAY in the month of October.

For more information, visit or connect yourself to their facebook page at This event is recommended for guest above 12 years old. Visitors dressed in their spookiest costumes are most welcomed, however no facemask are allowed. Time to get your spook on!

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