Thursday, October 13, 2016

[Motivational] Close Up with Dato' James Iskandar Ja'afar Greaves

So lets get real. I think most of us are lacking with motivation in our lives, but thats only because we're just too comfortable following the system of life. We think the right thing is to do, is to study, graduate, get a job, work, then retire. And thats about your entire life agenda. But honestly speaking, i do have faith that each and one of us are meant to do greater things in life, but each of us holds our own decision to what we can and want to be.

Meet Dato' James Iskandar Ja'far Greaves
I was invited for an exclusive close up with Dato' James Iskandar Ja'afar Greaves who was the founder of JAG Holdings, an Entrepreneur, Investor, a public speaker and now, the Executive Director of Cempaka Helicopters Corporation Sdn Bhd. I'd be honest that i did hesitate a little to attend this exclusive private interview, but because i would consider myself very ambitious, this could be a sign from god that this would be my chance to share a few words with my readers about how to be motivated and to also achieve your ambitions.

One of this works
Attendee's at the event were getting new positive vibes from Dato' James Iskandar Ja'afar Greaves, a humble man who owns a freaking helicopter! As cool as this guy sounds, he didnt start as a wealthy man. In fact, he shared a little story where he had a bachelor life of growing up, having fast food as an everyday meal and at one point when he couldnt even affort to pay rent, he had to stay at his girlfriends (now wife) apartment.

Providing helicopter services
Anyone would want to get a once in a life time expereince on a helicopter!
He shared that in life, its pretty normal that it goes up and down, but in this case, he had 3 major failures, before it goes up to a brighter future. Dato' James Iskandar Ja'afar Greaves never believed that on days that you have bad days are entirely bad. Those bad days are days where you start learning from those experiences. The secret to achieving your goals are to work hard on your plan and make sure you do it during the right time with the right people.

Some motivation to chase for your dreams
Working hard is to make sure you have a great plan and eventually, your plan will guide you to an easier path to achieve it. On days that you feel down, Dato' James Iskandar Ja'afar Greaves suggest that you find someone to talk to, and it better be a person that experiences ups and downs in their life. In business, its never about numbers, its about your mentality to think and understand how you want to understand your customers. You need a balance of life ration and life skills in order to make sales, and be reminded that sales are just about numbers at the end of the day.

Steve Jobs  (PC: Google)
Nelson Mandela (PC: Google)
Tony Fernandes (PC: Google)
He also shared that his idols were Steve Jobs, Tony Fernandes and the most extraordinary individual, Nelson Mandela. If you have dreams, look up to these people who will show you the good things in life and how you overcome it. Its pretty unbelivable how Dato' James Iskandar Ja'afar Greaves gives really good vibes and its crazy that i was just inches away from such an inspirational person. He has proved to everyone that to suceed is not to sell materials, but to sell what you love and passionate about (Something that i would keep in mind).

With so many things to share, i would just like to end my blogpost here before it gets too draggy. Do leave a comment if you have any questions, and i would try my best to get back to you. In the mean time, do check out some of Dato' James Iskandar Ja'afar Greaves work by visiting, and

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