Monday, October 10, 2016

[REVIEW] Street Churros Malaysia

Ever crave for Churros but you never know where to get the best Churros in Malaysia? Fret not, cause Street Churros has finally made its way to Malaysia with 2 outlets launched in IOI Putrajaya Mall and the most recent in 1 Utama. But before I go in depth on the menu, im going to give a little introduction on Street Churros. Street churros started in Korea where they are crazy over street food and they have a mission, where they want to elevate street food with premium, fresh ingredients and the culinary genius of our 5 star chefs. With their goal being based on customer satisfaction, its a treat not to be missed.

The current Menu
Street Churro's principals
Freshly made Churros
This would be the 1 Utama outlet which recently opened in September and i have to say that passing by a store selling fresh churros, its pretty hard to resist the temptation. The menu features churros, ah-chu, filling-chu, latte's and ade. The store setting is actually pretty small, but churros are meant to be enjoyed when youre on the go, so just a tiny tip that if youre planning to dine in, dont.

From left: Cinnamon, Chocolate and Cheese
The churros are freshly made to be crispy, made to order and lightly dusted with their home made sugar toppings. It comes in 3 original flavours, which would be cinnamon, chocolate and cheese. I was told that Cinnamon  is the best-seller as churros are usually dusted in cinnamon, but if you love something sweet and chocolatey go for the chocolate flavored churros! For savory lovers, churros in cheese would be worth a shot.

Ah-Chu Chocochoco
From left: Ah-Chu Chocochoco, Ah-Chu Strawberry and Ah-Chu Chocoberry
Ah-chu on the other hand is basically mini churros with new guinea vanilla bean soft serve ice cream.  Enjoy it plain if you love the simple things in life, but add a little sauce of the top, it would be the perfect sundae on a hot day. Flavoured Ah-Chu comes in 3 flavours featuring chocochoco, chocoberry and strawberry.

From Left: Chocolate Filling-Chu, Cream Cheese Filling-Chu and Blueberry Filling-Chu
And another option you can opt for at Street Churros would be Filling-Chu. This would be a more savory option if you love strong flavours. Comes in Blueberry, Cream Cheese and Chocolate Filling, but i have to say that i love my Churros to be filled with chocolate. Since the churros are naturally dusted in a cinnamon powder, the filling goes really compliments the flavours.

Passion Fruit Ade
Lemon Ade
If you think that is all that Street Churros has to offer, think again. Street Churros also offers latte's, ade and milkshakes too! I honestly havent tried their latte's yet, but for my next visit, they are definitely on my must order list. For some fusion of gassy flavours, you can opt to try the passion fruit ade, perfect for those who crave for sweeter tastebuds, or lemon ade if you are a fan of sourish flavours.

The New Milkshake menu
I love strawberry Milkshake
Recently Street Churros just launched a new addition to their menu, featuring 3 milkshake flavours, namely O'My Mango, White Choco Real Banana Shake and I Love Strawberry. And since i was craving for some berries in my life, i decided to give the I Love Strawberry milkshake a go. Im loving the consistency of the milkshakes as i could actually tell that the fruits they used were fresh. But i managed to have a small chat with the store manager who recommended me to try their O'My Mango if youre not sure about what to try.

Group photo with the bloggers who attended the food review session
Enjoying my chocolate Churro
Checkout their media sites and hashtag
October 2016 promotion!
And there you have it! Currently, they have Street Churros available at IOI Putrajaya Mall and 1 Utama, but i heard that they'll be opening another outlet in Berjaya Times Square somewhere in December. Drooling for churros already? Head over to your nearest Street Churros today and get a bite of one of the best churros in town that wouldnt dissapoint. Head on over to for latest updates on promotions and offers. Psst, i heard that in the month of october, they're having a promotion where Churros are available at RM2 per piece (refer to Street Churros Facebook page). Hehe. If you've managed to try it out, please do tell me which is your favourite flavor? ;)

Sara xx


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