Tuesday, October 11, 2016

[HEALTH] Be My Reason Shower Run // Breast Self Check Awareness

The Be My Reason Shower Run 2016 by Shokubutsu
With almost 1,500 participants gathered on a Sunday morning, it was actually really nice to see individuals waking up at 7am to be a part of the Be My Reason Shower Run to show their support for the breast self-check, in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month. I persoanlly have a family member who i call her a hero for surviving Breast Cancer. Both her breast were removed, but thankfully, with the amount of love and support received, i guess that made her strong enough to survive through the journey of having breast cancer. So i say why not support this meaninful campaign right?

The starting line filled with bubbles!
Mua being kepoh in public. haha
The Be My Reason Shower Run was organized by Shokubutsu, the leading shower foam brand in Malaysia, with the purpose to encourage women and men to raise awareness on the importance of early detection of breast cancer by doing regular breast self-checks during your shower. This also happens to be the second Pink Ribbon campaign by the brand that is an extension fo the road shows undertaken last year.

And let the fun run begin!
The shower at the finish line
I have to admit that the shower theme was the highlight of the event, and it was interesting to see some of the participants literally transforming into out of the shower outfits. Hehe. The run was foamed with shower bubbles and we ended the race by being showered with water, just to be in line with the breast self-check during shower awareness focus. It was definitely a fun way to enjoy sunday morning with your loved ones, while having a good reason to pledging to do breast self checks.

The finisher medal *pretty*
And we completed the race!
We had Jackie Low, Marketing Manager, Personal Care Products Department, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd who said that he believed that breast self-check is a very important habit to cultivate because early detection can save lives. And i have to say that i couldnt agree more! It only takes you less than a minute to give yourself (and your breast) some love and attention, especially when you shower at least once a day.

A zumba session after the run anyone?
The campaign is fully supported by the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) who is partnering with Shokubutsu for the scond time! Also presented at the event was renowned Malaysian actor, Beto Kusyairy who ran with his wife, Tisha Shahar as an act of support for the campaign. Tisha detected a small lump in her breast not too long ago while doing breast self-check and fortunately the lump turned out to be benign, thus Tisha encourages all women to turn breast self-check into a habit.

The cheque presented to NCSM
The event ended with a RM25,000 cheque presented to NCSM during the run to contribute towards the good works that NCSM is doing in raising awareness and educating on breast self-check. The money was raised from the RM10 fee of the Be My Reason Shower Run and RM0.10 from every unit of Shokubutsu liquid shower produts sold at participating stores. The Shokubutsu Pink Ribbon campaign runs from 1 October 2016- 30 October 2016.

Got my medal and my participant certificate!
And how can i miss out on the goodies i got? hehe
I have to highlight that they were generous with their goodie bags and im sure that i spotted a lot of happy participants carrying home a heavy bag of detergent and soaps. Hehe. Well, i know i was! A great way to start a Sunday Morning with a reward that would last you at least a month or two. Again, if youre reading this, dont forget to self-breast check yourself in the shower so that we can save more lifes in the world. For more information on Shokubutsu, kindly log on to https://wwwfacebook.com/ShokubutsuMalaysia.

Sara xx


  1. That was a pretty cool run and pretty awesome goodies lol.... I wish I could join but did not get any invite or know much about it... huhuhu

  2. That was a pretty cool run and pretty awesome goodies lol.... I wish I could join but did not get any invite or know much about it... huhuhu

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