Friday, November 4, 2016

[LAUNCH] Retro-Inspired X-A3 Mirrorless Camera

Presenting the X-A3 Mirrorless Camera
I have to admit that i admire Fujifilm's effort to keep the retro trend alive by launching the Fujifilm's X-A3 which features elegance, advance technology, and has managed to appeal the young, self-loving generation of photographers. Fujifilms newest addition, the X-A3 marries high style and sleek design to cater to the newer generation of photographers.

X-A3 fullbody shot
Presenting the newest addition to Fujifilm's best-selling line of iconic retro-style cameras, the X-A3 marries high style and sleek design with the latest selfie features. As an ultimate accessory, the camera features a mirrorless camera, specially for those who appreciate the joy of capturing unique and creative shots of outstanding quality efforlessly. The X-A3 is a follow up to the X-A2, which the model features a retro design to create a more sophisticated impression on photography. With three color variations to choose froom, you will definitely find one design that suits your style and personality the most.

A model modeling a piece from Hatta Dolmat holding an X-A3 Fujifilm Camera
The X-A3 is more than just your regular selfie camera as it combines a newly developed 24 megapixel sensor with Fujifilms proprietary color reproduction technolody for advanced portraiture, makng it a perfect for selfie fans from all around the world. So gais, this by far has to be the IT SELFIE CAMERA that you got to have if you love taking selfies with friends and family.

A close up shot of the lens.
For the first time, the X-A3 comes with a 3-inch LCD touchscreen that tilts 180 degrees. Furthermore, selfies can be taken using the command dial on the back of the camera, which provides a firmer grip on the camera too. It also comes with a self-timer function which includes smile detection, buddy timer, and group timer which can be used when th screen is tilted forward and the shutter is automatically triggered whent he subject smiles or when two or more people come into the frame.

From left, Hatta Domat, Farah Ann and Mr Yoshitaks Nakamura (Managing Director of Fujifilm Malaysia)
Keeping updated with the world of technology, it also has a built in Wi-Fi capability to connect to the Instax Share printer for instant printing, transfers photos to your smartphone or tablet, or even enable remote-shooting. The Fujifilm X-A3 is avaialble in silver, brown or pink from November at a retail price of RM2,888 inclusive of a XC16-50mm lens.

Hatta Dolmat X FujiFilm X-A3
Another Hatta Domat Collection, featuring Harris Anuar
Farah Ann, brand ambassador of FujiFilm in a Hatta Dolmat collection.
To celebrate the joyous launch of the Retro Inspired X-A3 Mirrorless Camera, Fujifilm also presented a stunning fashion show featuring design styles by Hatta Dolmat, an award winning Malaysian fashion designer, known for this chic exquisite and spectacular designs. And since i was there in person, i have to agree that the camera looks stunning with Hatta Dolmat's creations. Wont you agree? hehe. And to our surprise, we also manage to get a glimpse of the new brand ambassador, national artistic gymnast, Farah Ann who made a grand entrace in a Hatta Dolmat piece!

The Wonder Photo Shop has tons of things to offer
Get yourself creative with your images
Some inspirational ideas
That not all, as Fujifilm also announced the official opening of its Wonder Photo Shop in Sunway Pyramid in conjuction with the X-A3 launch. The new Wonder Photo Shop is the first of its kind concept store in Malaysia aied to transform traditional picture making by putting customers at the heart of experiencing the fun and joy of the traditions. With direct printing concepts, it will definitely catch attention to those who would like to turn their prints into personalized DIY pieces of art.

The Harajuku Combo Kit, RP: RM328
Promotion alert! In conjuction with the launch of the Wonder Photo Shop, Fujifilm introduced its Christmas and New Year celebration promotion - The Harajuku Kit. It comprises a Mini 8 camera, a mini album, single pack of film, gift card and a mini acrylic photo frame. I already got myself a Mini 7 camera, and im already tempted to get it as the Harajuku Combo kit is going at a steal price of RM328! How can anyone really resist? I know im having a hard time to resist.

FUJIFILM X HATTA, limited edition shirt *While stock last
Loving it, and trust me, it took me a while to let it go
So there you have it! I'll be honest that i've been SUPER tempted to get a compact camera lately and none really impressed me as much as the FujiFilm X-A3 Mirrorless Camera did. The specifications, the body, the lens, is already what i look for in a camera. AHHHH! Definitely on my wishlist. But i guess, this just gives me a reason to work harder right? hehe. Well, i'll end my post here for now, and if you need to know about anything else, be sure to check out for the latest promotions and offers!

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