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Travelling with the 10th Generation HONDA Civic

Have you rode the dream civic yet? 
Recently i think if you have been following my social media's, you might have noticed that i've been raving over the 10th Generation Civic during the road trip i had thanks to Honda Malaysia! We had about 15 bloggers present to be a  part of this road trip which was heading towards Carey Island in the all new 10th Generation HONDA Civic. FYI, the all new HONDA Civic comes in three versions, featuring 1.8s, 1.5 Turbocharged and 1.5 Turbocharged Premium engines. I have to admit that i was truly honoured to be a part of the convoy with HONDA Malaysia, so HONDA, if youre reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME ON BOARD.

Interior shot of the drivers seat of the Honda Civic
CVT & Leather Gear boot
The Advance display Audio
Teamed up with Miera and Sushine Kelly
The only reason why i agreed to this test-drive/road trip session is only because i was super interested to find out about the features and the specs on the latest HONDA Civic. And i bet you're here too find out about it too. Heads up that we were given the HONDA Civic 1.5 Turbo in Modern Steel Metallic with my co-pilots Miera and SunshineKelly.

Testing out the VSA of the car
Despite driving really fast in a small space, i never felt so safe in my life! 

We started the journey with a 30 minute drive to MAEPS where we had an exciting gymkhana experience to test out the VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) and believe it or not, i managed to get myself IN THE CAR as the car was doing crazy stunts unimaginable in my world.*heavy breathing* I was actually really impressed with the handling and the speed of the car's safety feature during quick movements (refer to my video attached above). Talking about safety, other than the VSA, the HONDA Civic also features 6 airbags, anti locking breaking systems, electronic break distribution, break assist, hill start assist, emergency stop signal and ISOFIX which i was told are considered top class safety. So rest assured, you will definitely drive with ease even through the strongest storm in Malaysia.
Did you know that the Go Carts at the Go Cart Circuit in Sepang are using Honda Engines?
And let the friendly race begin!
And guess what? I was the go-cart queen of the day!
My ride from the spacious back seat #likeaboss
We then had a lunch break at Mitsui to fill our tummies up before we departed for a go-cart activity. As we were driving through the highway to proceed to our next activity, i was sitting in the back seat and i have to highlight the fact that the journey was really smooth. Not to forget that somehow the circulation of the air-conditioning at the back is pretty good too! About 15 minutes later, we reached our next destination which was the Sepang Go-cart circuit. I would have to say the Go-cart was a really fun experience (especially when the engine's on the go-carts are by HONDA), and despite being my first time driving a go-cart, i managed to race my way to the top placing during the race. Teehee. Who knew i had it in me.

Our HONDA Civic 1.5 T Convoy
After all the the adrenaline rush from go-carting, we then proceeded to our last destination for the day, Amverton Cove. From Sepang to Amverton Cove takes about 45 minutes and im proud to say that I was behind the wheels driving at about 110km/h and a max of 167km/h! Never in my life i drove that fast before, but since we had a marshall telling us to 'floor it', I literally floored it! Honestly speaking, despite driving at almost 170km/h, it didnt feel like i was driving that fast thanks to the aerodynamic exterior body design i presume. And if youre wondering how on earth did i manage to floor it to that speed, its all thanks to the turbocharged engine. Vroom vroom. Here's a quote i thought of during the speeding experience. " I dont usually whistle at boys, but when i do, its with my turbo". HAHA

Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort, our crib for the night
Left: Previous Honda Civic, All New Honda Civic
Left: All New Honda Civic , Previous Honda Civic
Those LED lights are on fleek
Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort is located on Carey Island and i was given an entire room to myself (thanks again HONDA Malaysia for the special treatment). Just sharing to you guys about how the resort looks like if youre wondering. Its actually a really peaceful place to stay and i had an amazing view overlooking the pool and the golf course. After our private bbq dinner and before snoozing off to bed, we had an LED headlight check on the new HONDA Civic. Despite being a girl, i think i know what im talking about when i say that the LED headlights on this car is SUPER sexy. When the HONDA Civic signal indicators are on, i have to say that the LED Daytime Lights are like 'eyebrows on fleek' features for the car. Dont believe me? Head over to their showroom, and you'll get what i mean. And i also have to highlight the fact that i noticed between the old HONDA Civic and the all new and improved HONDA Civic 1.5 T they really made good improvements on it, especially when its on the LED lights.

How do you like me now?
Look ma, the boot has 519L Cargo Space which can actually fit the three of us in it
Wont you agree the Honda Civic 1.5 T has a better view?
The next morning after breakfast, we had a "Comparison Competitor Car" session to just compare on the space the car provides. And after throughly comparing the specs of the so called 'competitor car', i have to say that the 10th Generation HONDA Civic has achieved superior comfort with D-segment level of spaciousness and comfort. Me, Kelly and Carol even managed to get comfortable in their 519 litre bonnet (wouldnt you agree that we look like we're having the times of our lives?) haha. With high quality and soft padding finishing, its really hard to not fall in love with its sleek character.

Getting all muddy in an ATV! 
Before checking out of the hotel, i managed to get myself to enjoy an ATV ride just because i love the thrill of it. We then headed off to MIECC to visit the Honda Booth, and that is when i realised something about the 10th Generation HONDA Civic. The HONDA Civic's engine wasnt as loud as the ATV's engine! To my surprise, after going through some research on the specs, HONDA has fitted the all new Civic with light-weight sound proofing system which explains why the drive was rather quiet. And with that statement, i have to say that they've done a really good job in reducing on noise, vibration and harshness to provide an enjoyable ride to almost anywhere your heart desires.

The HONDA Civic Remote. Fun fact: Did you know you can start your car engine without getting into the car?
Oh look! Thats be behind the wheels! 
At the HONDA booth, showing off their technology systems
Finally reached our last destination MIECC, and as we were entering the exhibition hall, i have to say that HONDA really stole the spotlight. With really bright lights all over with some really cool interactive sites, i almost spent almost an hour just browsing through what HONDA has to offer. One of the cars featured at the HONDA booth was the all the HONDA Civic which caught a lot of attention during the exhibition that it was actually really challenging to catch a shot with no photobombers. But i was happy enough to get a chance to try their latest technology which they call a UNI CAR. Its basically like those hover boards, but instead of standing up, you are required to sit to be able to control the movement. YAS and i passed.

Left: The previous HONDA Civic vs. the ALL NEW Honda Civic
Overall, i have to say that the all new 10th Generation HONDA Civic gave me a joy to drive with its dynamic performance and excellent fuel economy specs. It was indeed a smooth driving experience with its 1.5 Turbocharged Premium engine, and not to forget the cruise function too! The all new Civic also features remote engine start, walk away auto lock, electric parking break and auto break hold which im pretty amazed cause to me its consider super high-tech for a car to be that smart.

Just because, me and my car have matching OOTD's
The all new Civic is available in five colours, Dark Ruby Red Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic and White Orchid Pearl. The prices of the the 3 variants are listed below:

RM113,800 for 1.8S 
RM127,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged
RM135,800 for 1.5 Turbocharged Premium 
*All prices quoted are on-the-road with insurance

Well thats all for now. Do leave me a comment below to share with me which feature catches your attention the most? Im not too fond of low cars since im used to driving a four-wheel drive, but really i would take the 10th Generation HONDA Civic as an exception *Wink* For more information, please visit any HONDA dealer or call HONDA's Toll Free Number at 1-800-88-2020, or log on to for more details.

Sara xx


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