Tuesday, November 8, 2016

[REVIEW] Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Cure Natural Aqua Gel Review
Today i'll be reviwing about one of the raved products from Japan, the Natural Aqua Gel Cure. I've been using this for over 3 years now, and since i know that some of you arent particularly familiar with the product, i decided to do a write up on it. The normal question for first timers who have never heard of it would be, "what is it suppose to do?" Well my friend, thats why im here to tell you a think or a two about why this is a must have! Scroll away!~

Just because they had Japanese words on it. HAHA
Little that we know that behind almost every skin problem, is caused by a layer of accumulated dead skin (i know, eww). And because of  this 'layer' of dead skin, it slows down the recovery of your natural skin regrowth. Did you know that make-up remover, cleansers and soap are not capable of removing dead skin?! Thats why exfoliator cleansers exist, eg, Cure's Natural Aqua Gel.

Best Seller at Sa Sa guys! 
Cure happens to be Japan's most popular exfoliating gel product among Japanese consumers, actresses & models and now they have finally made their way to Malaysia. Since 2002, they have been featured in many leading Japanese magazines for its popularity (and theres no doubt why). They even won an award as the most famous cinematic achievement in 2008 too!

Some directions on how to use, and it has an expiry date too!
Traditional exfoliators in the market are usually chemically designed with strong acids, to dissolve protein, scars, which ends up damaging your skin in the long run, or when used too often. Cure is a gentle alternative if you care for your skin as it removes only dead skin, making it the safest and most effective exfoliation in the market! Its 90% made out of hydrogen water, preservative free, fragrance free, colouring free, alcohol free and mineral oil free


Easy pump bottle to pump the gel out
After massaging in circular motion, somehow the dead skin appears
The ultimate question, what is the Cure Natural Aqua Gel purpose? Well, it claims to gently removes dead skin without harming the skin. And from my personal experiences, thats exactly what it does! It can also be considered as an exfoliator, that removes dead skin almost effortlessly. Psst, i also like using this especially when im out and exposed to dust, i would use this as an extra boost in cleansing the skin. Its also great if you want to reduce spots, pigmentation, pimple, blackhead, dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles and dull skin


Remove make up and cleanse your face with cleanser
Pump a sufficient amount of Cure Natural aqua gel on palm and massage skin
Feel the magic of dead skin-free skin
To use, remove all make up, cleanse face, and pat dry. Pump a pea size of Cure onto your fingertips and gently massage skin (or specifically onto any area that you want to remove dead skin) in circular motion to remove the dead skin. Once the dead skin cells has come off (it will be in a form of dust) rinse with water and continue with your regular skin care routine.


Use once or twice per week for best results
Well, based on my online research, it would be advisable to use Cure about twice per week for best results. With a gentle massage, the liquid will remove dead skin within seconds! But in my case, i usually use it weekly, or extra only during times that i feel like my skin isn't breathing. So if youre wondering how long a bottle would last, i would say that it would last you about 4 months, if you use it twice per week (and thats about 1/3 of the year already)!


The dead skin cells from face (its a little brown because i was wearing foundation)
I personally have to agree that this has to be the best and safest exfoliation, which is pretty much the reason why that i've been using this for the past 3 years. And after 3 years of using Cure's natural Aqua Gel, i do noticed that my skin condition improved a lot, and im assuming that the reason behind it would be cause my skincare seems to work better with all my dead skin not slowing down the absorption rate. YAS! So if you've been using a complete skincare range, but haven't exactly managed to see results on your skin, well, dead skin might be the reason why. For those seeking for extra cleansing, i would highly recommend this product to you. Every bottle of Cure's Natural Aqua Gel  comes in a 250ml bottle, and i got mine from Sa Sa Malaysia.

Thanks for reading my humble review, for any other information, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below to share me your thoughts and enquiries.

Sara xx


  1. I think it would be good for my skin which requires something light most of the time. Some cleansers are way too rough for my skin thought.

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