Friday, November 25, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; October 2016 Box

CubeCrate's October Box
Hey its that time of the month again where i'll be unboxing my October Box. Im a little excited this time cause we all know what October is famous for, and yes, im talking about Spooktober! Being the month of ghost for many cultures, CubeCrate has decided to include mystery items according to the halloween theme to suit the festive season of the month (which is why i love CubeCrate). So if you love the season as much as i do, scroll to find out what's in my CubeCreate October 2016 box!

Oishi Green Tea
In the October box, i found myself a bottle of Oishi Green Tea. Oishi Green Tea has been a part of my daily life to quench my thirst on hot days, but never have i tried the flavour that CubeCrate just sent me. HAHA. Since CubeCrate encourages us to try different things, i guess this is a sign for me to give other flavors a chance. Psst, just a little hint, if you ever buy a bottle of Oishi Green Tea, its always best to consume when its fresh out of the refrigerator. For more updates on Oishi, head on over to their FB page:

Love Is's RIP Bubble Bar
A close up look on how cute it is
Next in the box would be an item from 'Love Is' with their tag line being 'be natural, be beautiful and be you'. And being a mystery item from the CubeCrate box, this might be my favourite item among everything else in the box. At a first glance, i really thought it was a bar soap, but when i read the description, it says its a bubble bar which has been designed to compliment bath bombs or to create a foam when youre in your bath tub. hehe. As 'creepy' as it looks with the RIP sign on it, i have to emphasise that it smells AMAZING with a hint of fruity grapes (lucky guess). hehe. I swear i cant wait to bring this along to one of my de-stressing stay-cations. For more on Love is, head on over to

Ilsa's Soap Wagon
And talking about stay-cations, its always best to bring your own soap from home. But in my case, i have a travel sized bar soap to accompany me to my stay-cations thanks to Ilsa Soap Wagon. This travel sized bar smells very therapeutic with a hint of eucalyptus and peppermint. Mmhmmm, perfect for a de-stressing day. Here's a fun fact on ILSA Soap Wagon: Did you know that ILSA got its name from the word ASLI? No wonder their products are carefully designed to be made the original way, a.k.a via handmade. For more handsome wonders, head on over to

Wild Child Mystery pack surprises!
Here's what inside. 
Last but not least featured in my October CubeCrate box would be something from Stickwitme. Stickwithme started with a fun mission to create colourful, playful, functional and versatile bags and small accessories to make life a little more fun. Too bad i didnt get any of their bags, but i got some funky stickers from them. And judging from the material of the stickers, i can tell that these are not your everyday usual stickers. It looks great to be sticked on a bag, on a note book, or even on your phone case!

And thats what in my Cubecrate box for the month of October
And thats about it for my Spooktober box! Whats there not to love when all the things received are all usable and consumable. Hehe. Cant wait to be creative with the stickers, and maybe de-stress once im in need of some self-pampering. I personally have to say that CubeCrate has gave me more reasons to pamper myself lately, receiving a parcel from CubeCrate has suddenly became a reminder to pamper myself somehow. Teehee.  So what are you waiting for? Head over to for more information on how you can subscribe to their CubeCrate boxes.

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