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The perfect handmade gift | Naturafun

Introducing Naturafun
Good morning, Christmas came a little early thanks to Naturafun! And since good things are always best shared, im here sharing to you some options for you to buy as presents for your friends and loved ones since Christmas is just around the corner. NaturaFUN specialises in natural handmade products such as Shower Care, Body Care, Skin Care, Child Care, and Essential Oils, making it more meaningful when you purchase these handmade with love products. After all, who doesnt love things that are homemade right? Hehe.

Check out whats inside my christmas box
Upon unboxing, i have to simply admire their presentation cause it looks way too cute + it made me feel like a child again as im unboxing something so precious and handmade. While opening the box, theres this fragrance of wonders approached me as the box is filled with skin care with essential oils. LOVE! Talk about first impression, i would describe it as love at first scent. hehe. Now for the exciting part, lets find out whats inside the box!


The Aromatherapy Spa Exfoliation Scrub Collection
From Top: Whitening, Slimming & Firming
Starting with the top 3 rows, these cute tubs are labeled as Aromatherapy Spa Exfoliation scrubs, and each of these serves different purposes. From the labels, it states that these scrubs can either function as whitening, firming and coffee slimming scrub. Being given the chance to test it out, the scent these tubs provide are simply relaxing. Since it came in a travel size tub, i would say that this would be the perfect travel buddy to complete your relaxing vacation. I cant be too sure if it whitens, firms or slims the body after using it for only using it once (at the moment) , but i can assure that it does contribute to giving your skin a healthier look. Being a beauty addict myself i would recommend to use this once or twice a month so that you wont harm your skin too much as scrubs can be a little rough on the skin if used too often. Even at my first scrub when i was trying it out, my skin was almost instantly smoother!


Testing out the Him Detox Soap
And not to forget the men in the world, Naturafun even has handmade soap for men too! The Him Detox Soap is known as a natural complexion soap which  serves the purpose to gently exfoliate skin and its also great for acne prone skin. It also works as a detox without drying out the skin. Rich in vitamin B and E, it also has high level of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damages. It claims to be antibacterial and it helps to heal wounds by extracting toxins from the body making it the perfect gift for any occasion! After getting a sniff of it, i have to say that it has a fresh relaxing scent with a hint of rosemary mint. Absolutely de-stressing for the man of your life.


The Aromatherapy Spa Everyday Oil
I also received these mini sized Aromatherapy Spa Everyday Oil which looks like a bottle filled with sunshine. Other than having really bright attractive labels, these are the 3 out of the 4 of Aromatherapy Spa Everyday Oil that NaturaFun has to offer, featuring Egypt's Queen Body Oil, Sleeping Beauty Body Oil and S-Line Body Oil. Since these 3 everyday oils serves different purposes, i'll break the review down for you.

Egypt's Queen Body Oil
First up would be the Egypt's Queen Body Oil! To match its name, its perfect to pamper your skin as if youre the queen of Egypt, by providing deep moisturising while improving the skin complexion, fights cancerous tumors, increases circulation and skin elasticity while decreasing wrinkles and stretch marks. Its recommended to be used at night after showering, giving you a pleasant relaxing night. Despite being oil based, im have to emphasize that its not at all greasy on the skin as my skin seems to absorb the solution pretty well. The fragrance smells therapeutic with a slight hint of sweet citrus.

Sleeping Beauty Body Oil
Next would be the Sleeping Beauty Body Oil which features a fresh minty herb'ish aroma. This oil claims to help heal dry skin, improves skin condition, even skin colour, reduces pores, decrease wrinkles and stretch marks, and acts as an allergy relief that gives a cool sensation to the skin. This is suitable for all day use, that helps the body to relax and release physical and emotional tension. Just a personal opinion, i have to say that this is my favourite body oil after coming out of the gym as it somehow relaxes my muscle after a long workout.

S-Line Body Oil
Last but not least would be the S-Line Body Oil which claims to help reshape figure, helps trim the tummy and reduce hip size, fat burning, and prevents loss of firmness while keeping the skin moisturised. From the site, it states that its suitable for day and night use, but i tried using this during the day time when im out and about, and while im at the gym and i have to say that I love how it smells fruity with a slight hint of spice during my exercise regime. HEHE


Moisturising Lip Balm
Handmade with love
They even have lip balms in their variety of products. From the site, there are 3 different type of lip balms to choose from namely, Moisturising Lip Balm, Kissing Lip Tint and Men Cooling Lip Balm. It comes in a 5g tube, and its made out of Shea butter, grapeseed oil, bee wax, vitamin E, and cold press peppermint essential oil. Made entirely out of natural ingredients, i love how it keeps my lips moisturised as it leaves a cooling minty scent on the lips. I can be pretty picky when it comes to balms and im not a fan of the sticky feel that balms usually leaves on the lips, but this might be an exception. *Wink


Daily Beauty Face Soap
And last but not least would be the Daily Beauty Face Soap. The Soap is gentle for sensitive skin, suitable for all ages, rich in Vitamin A, D and E, moisturises, and reduces the incidence of age spots. Each bar comes in a 25g face bar soap and has been creation with natural PH balance to help improve skin condition and to make it suitable for all skin types. I don't usually use beauty bar soaps, and i have to say that this bar soap does what its suppose to do. Its moisturising, gentle and cleanses the skin leaving my skin feeling refreshed. But if you're wearing make up, i would suggest you to remove your make up with makeup remover before washing as i wouldn't guarantee that it would remove makeup from your face that easy.

And i love how fun sized it is too! 
I guess thats about it for the review today! NaturaFUN is an ethical designer brand that works hand in hand with people who are disabled or disadvantaged to produced a range of natural skincare. And yes, this means by supporting this brand, you'd be providing more employment opportunities for those who are disadvantaged but with great skills when it comes to handmade. So its an amazing brand to support with handmade high quality products that pampers the skin. Since Christmas is just around the corner, wont you think that this would be the perfect gift? Hehe. Well thats all for now! Do visit or for more updates!

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