Thursday, November 10, 2016

Skecher D'lites2 Dance Competition 2016

The Skecher D'lites 2 Dance Competition, held at Sunway Pyramid
Skechers recently held a D'lites 2 Dance competition for dancers with enthusiast, showcasing their talents and being present there myself, it was shocking to see how talented the youth are nowadays. Seven teams of dedicated young Malaysian individuals danced their hearts out over a crowd of two thousand people, as they competed for the chance of bringing home the Grand Prize of RM7,000 and a namesake of being entitled SKECHERS Malaysia Brand Ambassadors for 2016 / 2017. If only i knew how to dance as good, i would definitely sign up for this once in a life opportunity too. 

The panel of judges of the day
This you can spot the Skecher D'lites Shoes?
Organised by SKECHERS and supported by youth from Malaysian Universities, the event was held in Sunway Pyramid in conjunction with the launching of their newly opened store of the same venue. Throngs of young dancers, K-pop enthusiasts, brand partners and media (me. Hi everyone!) were witnesses to the four hour finale from start to end – until the crowning of the Top 3 teams including the Grand Winners themselves. It was rather exciting to see the teams competing as its not your normal friendly competition. It was the real deal! 

Virus Ladies showing some moves
FXN striking a pose
D6 showing off their synchronisation 
Mad.G made an extra effort into getting matching outfits
Among the seven teams that battled it out for the Grand Prize were Slumber Squad, X’Thenique, D6, Virus Ladies, FXN, Mad.G and D-Strict 12. Staying for almost more than 4 hours, its really a surprise to see the teams putting on a stunning performance with creative and varied choreographies, each pertaining to its own K-Pop genre. Who knew that Malaysian youth had these hidden talents? I know i was mind blown with the contestants performances. 

Congratulations to Mad. G, Virus Ladies and FXN for being in the Top 3!
After a tough heated battle on stage, taking the Top 3 spots were 2nd Runner Up, FXN, followed by
1st Runner Up, Virus Ladies and the Grand Winner went to Mad.G
; the KPop Boy Band look alikes,that was also clearly the crowd favorite. Literally, jaws dropped after watching these 3 teams competing for the grand prize. Even i had a hard time deciding, but i guess the judges took some crucial measurements to pick the grand winner. 

Congratulations to Mad. G for stealing the grand prize!
The Grand Prize winner, besides cash prize of RM1,000 each; also walk home with Skechers D’Lites2 shoes; a Choreography session with a dance expert and a professional Video production. BAM! Im actually looking forward to their video production, cause i could really tell that they really made a lot of effort to snag themselves as the grand winner. They also will also be featured as the cover face of MYC! News youth magazine in the coming issue.

The Skechers store in Sunway Pyramid
Loving the new modern interior 
Not to forget that its super spacious too!
The occasion ended after a final performance by the Grand Winners, before Guests and VIPs were then welcomed to officiate the premises of the new SKECHERS store. Walking into the store, i have to admit that i love the new revamp of the place. Its spacious, easy browsing and filled with the latest collection from Skecher. So if you happen to pop by in Sunway Pyramid, why not check out the new store while youre at it. Hehe. Well, thats all for now, do leave me a comment if you love Skecher too! 

Sara xx


  1. I think anyone perform as K-pop band should have the advantage already! >.<

  2. wow... did they dance like exo... hahaha... since the shoes being promoted here are sported and worn by the exO members

  3. I missed this - next time do let me know OK. I want to attend too.

  4. I love Skecher so much because it light and comfortable.