Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Skin Beauty confidence Campaign X Hada Labo

L-R (Jojo Goh, Chris Tong, Daphne Low)
Hada Labo has been loved by many for its formulation and recently Hado Labo had their 'My Skin Beauty Confidence Campaign' featuring celebrities namely Jojo Goh, Chris Tong and Daphne Low reaching out to the public in sharing about the importance of having good skin and how to increase ones self-confidence.

The campaign kick-started with a viral video which aims to share the secret to feeling confident about oneself that is by maintaining beautiful skin. A total of six celebrities (in the video above) were featured in this campaign video which also included Ekya Farhana, Atikah Suhaime and Azira Shafinza. Inspired by the sharing of the celebrities, Hada Labo  fans were then encouraged to share their 'Skin Beauty Confidence' stories on Hada Labo's social media platforms.

L-R (Daphne Low, Chris Tong, Jojo Goh, Lim Mei Yuen General Manager of Rohto Mentholatum)
This event was held in collaboration with Watsons and boy there were a lot of women around listening eagerly to the tips and experienced shared by the trios - Jojo, Chris and Daphne. According to Jojo, when you have good skin, you dont need to rely on makeup. Chris shared that with proper hydration, your skin will have lesser fine lines while Daphne Feels that her skin looks brighter and healthier when hydration is at its optimum. With good skin, women can leave their homes confidently without make up and still be complimented for their beauty.

L-R (Daphne Low, Chris Tong, Jojo Goh)
The trio shared that they have only good experiences to share after using Hada Labo products. Jojo and Chris shared the same opinion that the skin must be well hydrated in order for the skin to feel smooth and moist. Daphne said her skin became more hydrated and her complexion brightens making her makeup more lasting than before. The three also agreed that the lotion must be used as the first step after cleansing to achieve moisturised skin.

Thanks to Syafiqah for this shot *flyingkiss
Being a fan of Hada Labo myself, i have to agree that Hada Labo uses the finest, purest highly effective ingredients to provide me with ultimate result of beautiful skin. The campaign ended in September but Hada Labo hopes to continue inspiring more women to stay beautiful and be confident by maintaining good skin. Keep yourself updated with Hada Labo by visiting their facebook page at Till my next post xx

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