Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wonder Photo Shop | Creative Workshop

Creative Workshop
Hey guys, if you love arts and craft, i have good news for you. With the launch of the Wonder Photo Shop as the first of its kind concept store in Malaysia, other than offering photography and crafts, they also provide weekly workshops for those who want to start to get creative. Since i managed to 'experience' the workshop myself, i decided to just share with you on what its all about. And if you're here to find out, scroll away! 

By Wonder Photo Shop
According to the poster, each session has limited seats, so to secure your seat all you need to do is to regiester yourself at and you're on your way to your very own DIY project (Which could be a photo journal, hand craft, multi layer pop up card, and more). Printing services will also be provided by the Wonder Photo Shop, so you wont have to worry about the images as long as you have a smartphone with you. 

Your Creative starter kit
Your free flow of Washy Tapes!
And whats a scrap book without stickers?! 
So since i was invited to be a part of the workshop (thanks to Fujifilm for having me), we were presented with a bag filled with the essentials needed to start with our so-called DIY project. In this starter kit, we received a note book, some stickers and a washy tape (OMGGG im a sucker for washy tapes). But your essentials do not limit yourself there as you will also be given a more decorative items that are presented on the table. There will also be an instructor to guide you if its youre first time too! 

Fujifilm Instant Polaroid prints
Digital printing services provided too!
And of course, whats a DIY craft book without printed images right? I got a little worried as i didnt exactly have images on hand, but boy was i happy when i was told that they provided printing services specially for those who sign up for the Wonder Photo Workshop. I was told that theres a limit for each person when it comes to printing, but i was also told that you will be given a satisfied amount of photos which will be printed specially for your crafty creations

One of the pages that i've yet to complete
Whats there not to love?
And tadaa, here's my creation and i have to say that i filled up about 8 pages at least with stickers and washy tapes all over. Being a collector of washy tapes myself, i went a little overboard with the washy tapes they had cause i have an obsession (literally). Hehe. I just love the variety of washy tapes they had, and pretty amazed with the variety of stickers they provided too! 

Some printing inspirations
Personally speaking, if you love arts and craft, it would be highly recommended for you to join this fun activity where you can turn memories into wonderful stories. Its also a great way to bond with friends and family too. Well, i shall end my post here, and do not hesitate to leave me a comment below if you have any other enquiries as i would love to share with you my experience too! For more updates from the Wonder Photo Shop :

Sara xx


  1. wow !!i love the workshop ! i wish to join this and plan it to fill the photos with my travel photos ! meaningful memory ~

  2. interesting workshop there. nice photos too!

  3. Yahhh@ its true. It was fun and addictive at the same time. At first pergi event tak nampak familiar faces and glad we found each other. Hahahaa.. See you on the next event!