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[BEAUTY] 3INA in Resort World Genting

Made my way to 3INA in Resort World Genting
Can you believe it, it's already March when it literally felt as if we were just celebrating the New Years? There are always new things to explore to welcome the New Years, and this time I finally got the time to discover 3INA while I was at Resort World Genting last month. I have been hearing so much hype about 3INA from my blogger pals, and finally being able to get my hands on the products, here are basically my thoughts on it. Scroll to find out more!

Here's what the shop looks like
A little introduction on 3INA, you might wonder how do you pronounce 3INA? The first time I heard about it, I was thinking that it could be 'Trina', Three-NA, but I was wrong. It's actually pronounced as Mee-Nah. 3INA portrays itself as a brand that is playful, built on confident aesthetics, and with a commitment to deliver premium quality at an affordable price. And being present at the store, literally, their prices are jawdropping reasonable for the quality that they offer.

Just look at all those shades available
They even have nailpolish too!
And yep, if you think your makeup drawer has all the shades, well think again
Other than having a HUGE variety of colors, products, and cosmetics, I am impressed that some shades that they offer are the shades that I've never seen before in my life! The colors they offer can be strong, subtle, eye-catching and it creates positive movements of exclusiveness of an individual. Like if you check out the images I took while I was there, I would have to say that the range is pretty impressive. Even if it's your first time walking into their store/kiosk, you will definitely find something to take back home. You have been warned!

Loving the fact that theres mirrors here, everywhere!
Here's the look a makeup artist gave me. Sortta of a cool tone kindda look
I even managed to get myself a makeover while I was there. Their in-house makeup artist was nice enough to give me a whole new look, and trust me, the look that they created was something I thought I would never go for. But still, it was pretty fun to explore potential possibilities of looks that I can start experimenting with, instead of staying in my safe shades. From a flirty look, it only took her 10 minutes to give me a whole new look with cool tones. What do you guys think?

Whats a costmetic store visit without swatches. Loving the strong pigmentations!
Heres what their essential lipstick looks like
Lip pencil with applicator anyonw?
They even have pigmented lipgloss too!
What I noticed about 3INA is that they do not go for one-size-fits-all, but instead go for something that is more detailed to suit your specific beauty needs. Now, this is what I call the real variety of beauty. The brand changes the perspective of how we look at beauty, breaking commercial tradition, by celebrating individuality, diversity, and self-expression with bolder colors (if you seek for something unique and different). I was shocked to find Electric blue eyeliners and mascara being available in stores. That's definitely a whole new level of beauty to play around with.

In case you forget to bring your mask during your holidays, fret not as you can get them from 3INA
Makeup brushes are available too
Just half the shades that are available in store
It doesn't matter if you seek for a simple daily range of makeup, or if you're up to be more expressive in beauty, 3INA guarantees to have something for you! The highlight of it all would be that 3INA products are entirely guilt-free! Ingredients are ethically sourced, vegan wherever possible, cruelty and paraben free wrapped in recyclable materials. Less guilt, more options! What is there to complain about 3INA? I just visited the store once, and managed to bring some products back home to play around with! Would you like to see what I got? Hehe.

Time to create a look with 3INA
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my humble blog, and don't be afraid to hit me up if you would like to see more on 3INA in reviews, makeup tutorials, and even my must-haves! I haven't gotten the time to try out my purchases yet, but I really can't wait to try it out! Hehe. For more information on 3INA, you can check out their official links below. If you've tired 3INA and loved it too, do share me your favorites in the comment below. Would love to know about your 3INA must-haves too. hehe. That's all for now.

TTYL, Sara xx


Locations: IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Pavilion KL, Sky Avenue and Sunway Pyramid

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