Friday, March 9, 2018

[BEAUTY REVIEW] KULIN Seven Days Later Skincare | Puresh UV Protector

It's a lovely weekend today, thus today I'd like to talk about a new skincare range which was introduced to me about a month ago, the Kulin Seven Days Later range and Puresh UV Protector which traveled all the way from Korea. What makes it even better would be that both Kulin and Puresh products are halal and best of all, its made of natural ingredients! I don't know about you, but when products are free from harmful chemicals, I won't have any hesitation trying it out.

Despite being a very new brand in the industry, you might wonder what triggered me to get the products for myself? Well, to keep it short, I was told that Kulin believes that everyone deserves to achieve flawless skin, with a smaller range of products. Don't get me started on the 10-step skincare routine, it can be a nightmare to deal with when you're rushing. So with Kulin, your skincare regime would be simplified and would save you so much time to protect and enhance your skin throughout the day. Even for men who are starting to use skincare would not have a problem to follow. YES, Kulin is not only for women but suitable to be used for men too! Enough chitchat lets proceed to get into the details of the products.

Kulin Seven Days Later Premium Multi Essence

The Kulin Seven Days Later Premium Multi Essence is an essence that is suitable for all skin type and the product specification has a unique feature of using Korea's method of traditional fermentation. also known as fermentation detoxification that helps to remove toxins from the body system. COOL!  The essence claims to improve skins metabolism and vitality, strengthens immunity, detox function to make a resilient and clear skin.

Giving this a test, the texture is a mix of water and cream that lightly penetrates through the layers of your skin. I've only sprayed 2 times and I believe its good enough for the whole face. You can choose to spray directly on your face, or on your palm, then slowly pat the essence on the skin until it is fully absorbed. I would have to say that it does make my skin feel good and it feels similar to applying toner and moisturizer on the skin.

Waterfull Magic Whitening Essence

The next step after essence would be to apply the Waterfull Whitening Essence. The whitening essence is formulated with fruits, hollyhock, aloe vera, snail secretion filtration and a mix of rich berries. And apparently, these ingredients help to moisturize dull skin and restores radiance, battles inflammation, smoothens and whitens the skin to create a naturally luminous glow. And again, the best part would be that its suitable for all skin types!

Trying it out on the skin, I would have to say that I love the lightweight texture the minute you apply it on the skin. It is non-greasy and I was shocked to find out that my skin was naturally fairer after application. From the above image, you would see that by just applying this whitening essence, you would get an instantly fairer skin. I've been using this for over 2 weeks now, and surprisingly the results are remarkable! Im usually not a fan of whitening creams, but this whitening essence is a whole new level of whitening! You have to try it yourself to believe it.

Fish Collagen Powder

Now, this is one of the most interesting product from Kulin, the Fish Collagen Powder. This powder is to be mixed with the whitening essence to encourage elasticity and strengthening of the skin. As we all know, collagen is a protein in the human body that holds the structural integrity of our body that is also responsible for regeneration. Being in the mid twenties, the reduction of collagen in my body does worry me as it causes brittle nails, dull hair, and wrinkled skin. Thank god for this, im in hopes that I can sustain and increase the amount of collagen that I have on my skin. The official site says that it would help to thicken fine hair as well! So for this particular product, it's really up to you on how you would like to use it.

We all know that fish collagen is a popular ingredient to help slow down the aging process. If you're wondering how to use this, you can either apply this directly on the skin, or mix the product with your shampoo, or your moisturizer. In my case, I decided to mixed the collagen powder with the whitening essence in a dabbing method. It may create a slightly sticky feeling, but I honestly have to say that it was bearable. The price of beauty that we have to deal with. hehe

Puresh UV PRotector

And to complete the entire skin regime, im using the Puresh UV Protector to protect my skin from harsh UV rays. The minute you know its sunscreen, im sure your main concern would be the icky scent of sunscreen that some of us don't exactly fancy right? Well Puresh, being a compound word for 'Pure' and 'Fresh', surprisingly smells just as pure and fresh! And by smell, it has no scent that would bother people like you and me. This UV Protector works as both moisturized and sunscreen making it a 2 in 1 product for me. Hehe.

And like any Sunscreen or moisturizer, evenly apply it on your skin and spread the cream out on your face. Gently dab the face until the moisturizer is fully absorbed. I personally found the formula really lightweight and the ultimate winning feature of this sunscreen to me would be that it does not leave a white layer on the skin like other sunscreens do. YAY. I've been out in the sun all day with this, and I love the fact that it does not leave my skin looking patchy.


As w verdict, I would have to say that im impressed with the products. Despite the packaging and the range is so minimal, the results are amazing. My skin feels like its moisturized, and I noticed that my skin looks like its glowing after constantly using the products for more than 2 weeks. But the ultimate highlight of it all would be the fish collagen for improving my skins elasticity and the UV Protector for being super comfortable on my skin. All these products are suitable for all skin types and are HALAL certified which to me is a plus point for going the extra mile.

Thank you so much for reading my humble review on Kulin Seven Days Later Skincare and Puresh UV Protector. Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions in mind as I would love to share with you more details in case I left out any other important information. For more details on Kulin and Puresh products, do head on to their official site or social site below.


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