Saturday, March 24, 2018

[TRAVEL] Selfie your way to the Alive Museum at the Sky Avenue at Resort World Genting

Time to explore the Alive Museum!
Love taking photos? Well, you're in luck as the Alive Museum is now available at level 4 Sky Avenue in Genting Highlands. If you love art and taking tons of photos, you would definitely love the Alive Museum. By visiting the Alive Museum, you'll get to see art come to life, and also be a part of the art that has been exclusively painted by artists from South Korea. WOW! Visiting Genting is always a fun experience, and this time I'll be sharing about what you'll find during your visit at the Alive Museum.

Have you ever held a koi this big before?
You might be wondering what to expect when you're walking through the Alive Museum right? Well, you're in luck cause I'll be sharing with you the photos that I managed to take while I was there. I would have to say that you can spend roughly an hour taking photos in this Museum, so be sure to get your batteries ready for an exciting time to take good photos to trick your friends and family! As much as I would love to include the entire album, im gonna only feature my favorite places in this blog post, starting off with this picture with the koi fish! hehe.

This might be a failed attempt. (knees too far) 
But at least I passed riding a pegasus.
Walking through the maze, you'll be amazed at all the places that you can start exploring to take pictures. Roughly I would say that you would spend a good 1 hour in the Alive Museum as you make all these artworks come to life. I was actually really fascinated when I got a chance to be swept off Superman's arms and also got a chance to ride a pegasus! If only I was wearing something more magical, this photo opt would be perfect! So if you're planning to visit for some 3D live photo shoots, be sure to be prepared to wear something comfy.

Have you ever been stuck in a bottle?
Or maybe stand on the cliff with your best friend?
Why not go skiing with polar bears
You can also impose to be as if you're deserted on a deserted island, or stand on the edge with your best friend as you try to save the penguins. Hehe. I personally like the winter-themed area more its filled with cute adorable winter animals like polar bear's and penguins to keep you in company. I managed to take a really cute shot with a polar bear going ice skiing with me. And since I wore a sweater, I think my outfit was about right to get in theme with the photos taken. hehe.

Haziq saying hi from outer space
Trying to figure out which species to abduct next 
So whats the plan Captain Haziq?
I guess which sh*t happens, it happens
And as you walk deeper into the maze, you'll somehow find yourself exploring the outer space. This has to be one of my favorite places within the Alive Museum. The photo opts here are pretty huge, and from the photos, I've taken, I'd say that it looks legit enough that it looks like its taken as if you're in outer space. Snap a photo with an alien or get into a spacecraft with your space team and take tons of memories to share with your friends and family.

Here we have wonder woman, superman and ironman bowing down to the new hero
Being an ambassador for Malaysia in Korea
Mandatory photo at the Namsan Tower
And just to end our little visit, the last section covers feels of Korea and superheroes. Above you'll find a photo of Haziq looking like a superhero, and all the heroes bowing down to his amazing strengths. hehe. Not to forget that he also became a Malaysian ambassador visiting Korea too. hehe. We ended our photo with a memorable heart by the Korean Namsan tower, near the love locks area. Haven't been to Korea together, but I guess this would do. hehe. Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading my little preview of the Alive Museum in Sky Avenue, Resort World Genting. Till my next post. xx

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