Thursday, March 15, 2018

Puma's X New York City Ballet | En Pointe collection

Presenting to you PUMA X New York City Ballet
Can I just take a moment to emphasize how much I LOVE the new collaboration of Puma with New York City Ballet?! Puma recently launched their latest ballet - inspired En Pointe collection, making it a statement piece that clarifies to the world that Ballet is a part of sports as well. Being a ballerina myself, I really can't get enough of these ballet-inspired shoes by Puma, and the best part of all, the collection has even made its way to Selena Gomez. Ballet, Selena Gomez, and Sports?! This is a definite must-have for me. 

Tapping into the celebration of International Women’s Day and empowering women through fitness, PUMA and NYCB organized a special ballet training session with one of the NYCB soloist, Unity Phelan. Yep, it's THE Unity Phelan which I actually got to meet her face to face during the media launch. My heart couldn't stop screaming when I saw her in person, and girl, don't get me started on how good her ballet techniques are. She makes me feel like crying cause I've been practicing for years, and I'm nowhere close to how good she is! No wonder she is a well-known dancer among ballerinas from all around the world

Unity Phelan tying her ballet shoes
Showing the audience why stretching is important
Unity, who was in Malaysia as part of the PUMA x NYCB’s tour across Asia, mentioned that NYCB’s partnership with Puma would help to highlight the fitness aspects that are involved in the life of ballet dancers and bring the art form to the masses. And with this in mind, I couldn't agree more! Ballet is not just a matter of performing, it's about control, finding the center of your body and its a whole new level of fitness that not many understand.

“This artistic dance style is indeed an art form that bears such poise and elegance, but a great deal of unseen effort is involved. The performers of the New York City Ballet are more than just ordinary dancers, being some of the most highly - trained athletes who use their bodies more extensively and effectively than anyone in the world, ” said Unity. 

We even had a personal class session with Unity Phelan and trust me, it got us all sweating!
Flexibility is key when it comes to ballet
Unity also believes that PUMA’s involvement in ballet resonates well with PUMA’s ‘DO YOU’ campaign which aims to inspire more women globally to celebrate power, strength, and individuality. A great way to celebrate Women international day I'd say. Hehe. And if you're already curious about the shoe collection, let's check out what designs they have in store. 

Here's Selena Gomez in the the Phenom Satin EP
Loving those lines featured in their design. 
With the DO YOU campaign, PUMA is empowering more women to champion individuality and highlight the imperative need to defy inequality, expectations, and standards. “We are honored that PUMA has taken inspiration n from the grace and strength of ballet dancers to come up with the ‘En Pointe’ collection under the DO YOU campaign. Ballet has such an intense discipline and the most beautiful thing about ballet is that it constantly reminds you to find inspiration in yourself and always strive to be your better self,” she added. 

Some Puma representatives showing off their kicks
Featuring one of the latest En pointe Collection shoes
Unity Phelan showing some moves at the bar
The En Pointe collection consists of satin sneakers, light sports bras, and athleisure products — all of which are designed not just for ballet enthusiasts but anyone who wishes to benefit from the dynamic flexibility and powerful movement. Believe me, being a girl at heart, the collection is just insanely impressive. What is there not to love?! The rose gold pink, the satin, the curves, its the perfect design that symbolizes strength, power and girl power. YAS!

Here's Selena Gomez in another piece from the En pointe Collection
The PUMA x NYCB En Pointe collection is now available in PUMA KLCC, Pavilion, and Sunway Pyramid. So what are you waiting for? To be honest, I'm already planning a trip to see which En Pointe shoe I would like to take home, right after I'm done with this post. Hehe. Decisions, decisions. The collection is definitely on my wish-list, and I'm already looking for ways to afford a pair. *cries* Now tell me, which is your favorite?

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