Saturday, March 17, 2018

Relax and Rewind Spa day with a Triple Beauty & Wellness Experience

1 Stop Beauty and Wellnes Centre | HerbaLine, HealthLand and Mama Kim
It's finally mid-March, and trust me when I say that time flies really fast when you're making the best out of it. I know that most of us are working hard to achieve our goals, increase our potentials, and even trying out new things for a better healthy lifestyle which can be tiring at times. That is why im emphasizing that when you've been working too hard, and you need a spa day to de-stress and calm the mind & body, here is a one of a kind triple beauty and wellness experience that you would want to experience. Yes, you've heard it! It's like de-stressing dream to get triple the reward in one location.

You might be wondering what do I mean by this triple beauty & wellness experience? Well, let me break the news down for you. As the market evolves, so do companies, and to name a few, im talking about HerbaLine, HealthLand, and Mama Kim as your look well, live well, and eat well remedies. This year, HerbaLine charts another milestone with the launch of its new 3 in 1 outlet at Hartamas, bringing you a collaboration with Healthland and Mama Kim. How exciting! Without any hesitation, i decided to explore the new concept, and as you scroll below, there would be some previews for you to get a feel of what to expect from the 3 floored beauty and wellness centre.

HerbaLine Facial Spa

Presenting HerbaLine
Starting from the highest floor, I've made it to the HerbaLine Facial Spa facilities, where you can wash your feet with sea salt and give it a detoxifying scrub as you give yourself some time to love your body and your soul. With HerbaLine, the is a no sign course policy where consumers minds are immediately put to ease when you visit this facial spa which offers various cleansing, moisturizing and lifting facials.

The couple facial rooms available (individual rooms also available)
Spending some bonding time with Miriam at the fish spa area
Ticklish for first timers, but the after feeling is refreshing!
Checking out the facial rooms, I would have to say that I love the vibes of the entire environment. Just soft relaxing music being played in dimmed lights, you will immediately feel relaxed as you enter the hall rooms to proceed to your treatment. I got myself a really good back massage and ended my visit with a fish spa therapy which has to be one of my favorite parts as I see them gently eating my dead skin away. You can opt not to enjoy this value added services if you are ticklish, but i would suggest that you experience this at least once in your life. Before saying goodbye, I was served a detox lemongrass drink which really completed my experience at the HerbaLine Facial Spa.

HealthLand Family Wellness Centre

Level 1 features HealthLand, to relax your body and mind
Going one floor lower, on level one, you will find yourself at HealthLand Family Wellness Centre for those who seek to improve blood circulation and to relax body muscles after a long day. Healthland has been known to be the premium wellspring of knowledge on wellness and offers professionally trained therapists by the acclaimed wellness academy in Thailand. So if you are running short of time to fly to Thailand, Healthland is here for you to offer you holistic wellness solutions at reasonable prices.

Get yourself refreshed with their well-trained massuers
Couple massage room available
Individual room also available
I just had to check out their massage rooms while was there, and surprisingly it reminded me a lot of Thailand! With their low beds being the touch of authenticity, you would definitely want a massage at HealthLand. What makes this centre unique is that they have specially located special sections for couples and for women only areas so that your privacy is not interrupted. So why not bring your partner with you or go alone and enjoy a massage to calm the body spiritually with the essence of Thailand.

Mama Kim Sauna Mee Café

Mama Kim, your want to be stop for a healthy meal
Here's a little confession, usually after facials or a message, I would definitely feel super hungry after detoxing my body from a beauty and wellness treatment. Building an appetite during the treatment, you won't have to worry about hunting for a clean meal as the outlet at Hartamas offers you Mama Kim Sauna Mee Café for you to fill up your tummy before you head off back home to fully get a good night rest. Mama Kim offers a comprehensive menu with a philosophy of 'where it is Healthy, it is yummy'.

The signature Sauna Mee dish with 80% veggies and 20% meat. Yums!
Fruit salad as appetisers anyone?
To end my visit this one of a kind centre, I decided to order myself the signature dish that I would personally recommend, the Sauna Mee. The price is super affordable for the portion that they offer, and with the principles of Mama Kim's dishes of including 5 major colors, freshness, no MSG, balance nutrients with 80% of vegetables, and 20% meat, you would have never thought that eating healthy would be so appetizing! I would definitely come back for more of this Sauna Mee without a doubt!


Feeling refreshed after a wonderful night spent at the beauty and wellness centre in Desa Sri Hartamas
And there you have it! I would have to say that im impressed with the whole concept that features a 3 in 1 beauty & wellness experience which would save me so much time and hassle of looking for parking, making appointments at different places when I want to clear out a day to just enjoy a day of relaxation. And at this Sri Hartamas outlet, it has made it possible to just clear my day out for a spa day at just one location. Also, if you wanna have a girly date with your mom or daughter, this would be the ideal place to satisfy both needs if you're looking to get a body massage while your partner wants a facial spa or vise versa. More details below, and feel free to leave me a comment if you have any other questions in mind. Time to plan out my spa day for a rejuvenating reward for surviving quarter of the year.

HerbaLine Facial Spa
Tel: 03-2303 9831/ 012- 702 8677
Opening Hours: 11am-7pm (Monday to Friday) /
10.30am - 5.30pm (Saturday) / 10.30am - 4.30pm (Sunday & Public Holidays) 

HealthLand Wellness Centre
Tel: 03-2856 7877
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm (Monday to Sunday) 
Facebook: healthlandmalaysia

Mama Kim Sauna Mee Cafe
Tel: 03-2858 4173 / 012-677 9895
Opening Hours: 8am - 10pm
Facebook: Mamakimsaunamee

Address: Jalan 31.70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Wah bestnya tengok ALiza Sara relax kan diri berspa disini....suka part ikan kecil tu. Kalau g KL boleh Marsha cuba nanti.

  2. Bestnya sesekali dapat manjakan diri macam nie kan..

  3. Seronoknya sesekali dapat relaxkan diri pergi spa. Suasana dkt sana pun nampak tenang dan selesa sangat. Special ye spa tu ada ikan2 kecik tu. Kalau kak ana geli dah kena gigit tu. Hehe. Makanan tu pun nampak sedap. Senang semua bawah satu bumbung je.

  4. Bestnya outing korang that day..lepas berspa..enjoy meal plak..best2

  5. waktu baca entry ni. kebetulan uzu mmg dekat spa. tengah buat facial. Kita ni kena dua bulan sekali kena manja kan diri dengan facial , spa dll. So untuk rawatan next boleh cuba kat sini

  6. Saya pun suka me time kat SPA..Memang digalakkan kita kaum perempuan sebulan sekali atau dua bulan sekali, patut melawat ke SPA untuk facial, massage..rutin harian yang duaplohpat jam sibuk mmg memenatkan..Jadi having me time kat SPA boleh melegakan, merilekskan badan...

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