Saturday, March 10, 2018

[FOOD] Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea | Original or Honey or Honey Lemon

Have you ever wanted to find a solution to reduce feeling bloated? Well, according to Chinese traditional beliefs, one of the ways to reduce bloating would be to consume ginger tea. Personally speaking, I feel bloated pretty often and I have to admit that I find it hard to swallow ginger tea to suit my liking. I mean like, cant ginger tea taste better than just strong bitter ginger tea? Finally found an alternative that convinced me that ginger tea can actually be enjoyable while providing benefits to the body. And if it's not obvious enough, im talking about Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea.

Over one of the days last week, I was strolling around village grocer to do my regular grocery shopping and stumbled upon a sales girl giving out testers of ginger tea. I was honestly reluctant to try, but since it came in a small cup, im like, why not. And that was the moment that my perspective of ginger tea changed forever. *like literally mind blown*. haha. Well, let's face it, if you haven't been growing up with ginger tea, you'd find ginger tea to be spicy, but surprisingly the Caroma Bentong Ginger tea gave me a whole new impression. It's deliciously spicy, and despite not adding sugar, it tasted pretty good!

And since I came during the right time, I got myself 2 boxes of different varieties and I was lucky enough to discover that they're having an ongoing promotion where every 2 boxes purchased, they'll give you one free small box with the flavor of your choice. AWESOME! Without hesitating, I quickly grabbed all the different varieties to try it out at home. There are 3 varieties of Bentong Ginger Tea by Caroma, namely the original Bentong Ginger Tea, the Bentong Ginger Tea with HOney and the Bentong Ginger Tea with Lemon Honey. Wondering what I have to say about the tea? Scroll below to find out more!

Original Bentong Ginger Tea

First, up is the Original Bentong Ginger Tea. The Ginger tea was surprisingly the one that impressed me the most when I was offered a tester by the salesgirl at village grocer. The taste was light, and depending on how concentrated you want it to be, still taste amazing. You would expect a strong gingery taste, but believe me when I say that the ginger taste is very mild and its actually really relaxing when consuming it. All you need is some ginger biscuits to compliment your ginger tea, and your evening would be perfect!

Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea Honey and Ginger Honey Lemon

It comes in other two variants namely Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea Honey and Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea Honey Lemon, which I have yet to try. I honestly have to emphasize that it's not exactly easy to find other variants of ginger tea being offered in store, and trust me, if you decide to make it via DIY, it would take so much effort to prepare the perfect recipe. Super happy to find out that Caroma has made it more convenient to enjoy Ginger Tea in different varieties. OH, and did I mention that you can choose to mix your ginger tea with milk too for a less spicy taste? Between these two varieties, I was told that the ginger tea with honey is for those who love to enjoy their ginger tea sweet, or if you choose to try the honey lemon, you would definitely enjoy the sweet tangy taste of ginger, honey, and lemon.

How to Prepare | Benefits

Preparing it is my favourite part of all, and it takes less effort to get yourself a cup of ginger tea. Since each cup of tea comes in sachets, the preparation of it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need to do is to add a sachet in a cup and add approximately 150ml of hot water, and if you enjoy your ginger tea cold, just add ice and enjoy! Super easy right?

In case you're wondering, ginger tea has so many benefits that some of us may be unaware of. For example, studies have shown that ginger helps improve intestinal absorption of nutrients, digestive process, encourages blood circulation and reduces stress and tension. On a personal note, I realized that ginger helps to relax my tense muscles after hitting the gym. It may feel a little heaty when swallowing, but i love the feeling that it gives me. Especially when it makes the pain go away. hehe.


As a conclusion, i would have to say that its a great drink to consume, especialy when Caroma takes pride in using only naturally grown Bentong Ginger for its products. Being made with the higher quality of ginger, you can definitely taste it in every sip. The Caroma Bentong Ginger tea is suitable for vegetarians, made out of 100% natural ginger and has no preservatives! Yep, it sounds too good to be true to me too! Well, I'll end my post here before it becomes to draggy. Hit me up if you have any other inquiries on the product, and I'll be more than happy to share it with y'alls. Lottsa love xx

Caroma Ginger Tea


  1. nampak sedap tu. kena cuba satu ni :)

  2. Ginger can help thin blood, improving overall circulation. As ginger improves blood flow, it can generate a warm feeling inside the body. If I’m travelling to a cold country, I am going to bring some of these ginger tea to help warm my body up!