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[REVIEW] UltraMoist Pro-Collagen Hygroscopic Moisturizer | All-in-one Moisturizer Before After Results

Reviewing the BEST moisturiser ever!
Hey guys, if you have been following my social platforms (via FB and Instagram), you might have realized that I have been raving on the UltraMoist Pro-Collagen Hygroscopic Moisturiser by Orique ever since I got my hands on it! And since I got you guys wondering about what makes this moisturizer amazing, in this blog post I'll be sharing with you about the benefits and results of the UltraMoist Pro-Collagen Hygroscopic Moisturiser.

Everyday problem

The solution to your problem lies in this box
So here's the deal. Being in my mid-twenties, 26, to be specific, I realized that my face is getting less bouncy, dries faster, looks dull and basically, it just looks tired all the time. And gad, if I go to a skin specialist, they would give me a list of products that I would need to improve my skin condition. Not only that I need to spend more, but it also means that I would need more time with my skin regime. MADNESS! I'll be honest that I like my skincare routine to be minimal, and this is why I was so happy when I found out about the UltraMoist Pro-Collagen Hygroscopic Moisturiser.

Presenting UltraMoist

The box and the product
The UltraMoist Pro-Collagen Hygroscopic Moisturiser is a moisturizer that lifts, firms, rejuvenates, whitens and moisturizes the skin, and with that being in 1 product, I am sold on the whole idea of it!  Instead of following the compulsory 5 step of cleansing > toner > serum > cream > moisturiser, i can cut the step to 3 steps by cleansing > toner > moisturise (all in one). And being a sucker for all things that save time with twice the benefit, I appreciate products such as the UltraMoist as it provides tons of benefits in just one product.


Descriptions on the packaging
Now proceeding to the review, from the first impression of the box, I'd have to say that it looks very clinical which I have no doubt that it's definitely a safe product to use on the skin. And if you get a closer look of the product, it claims to be a natural product series, using 100% natural active ingredients which features quick absorption, dermatologically tested, non-sticky formula, paraben free, hormone free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and is pH Balanced. Like, period, WOW. But to be honest, the non-sticky formula caught my attention, cause if it feels good on the skin, I don't mind applying it all day.

Comes in a pump bottle that gurantees hygiene.
And when you take the product out of the box, you will find the product in a pump bottle which is a little something different for a moisturizer. I mean, you gotta agree with me when I say that moisturizers are usually in a tub casing, but with this, I believe that the product is 'cleaner', in a sense that it's not exposed to unnecessary germs. With this baby, you can say bye bye to making sure that your spatula is clean before scooping the moisturizer out of a tub case moisturizer. Like, finally, im happy that there's a moisturizer that comes in a pump bottle to keep the product clean, and less contaminated.

Two pumps is all you need
The texture of the waterbased moisturiser
I usually use about 2 pumps each time to apply it on my neck and my face, and I realized that the moisturizer smells kinda sweet despite being fragrance-free. Im assuming its because its the honey bee venom ingredient that makes it smell amazing! In terms of texture, it has this waterbased texture that I love, and as you spread it over your face and neck, you would realize that it has this soothing effect, that your skin would quickly consume without any doubt. My theory is that when skincare is well absorbed by the skin, it means that your skin approves. hehe.

Results after 3 weeks

Before using UltraMoist (can you see red spots on my skin?)
After 3 weeks of constant usage
So, I've been using it for about 4 weeks now, and I am surprised with the results. I've been constantly using this after cleansing and toner, twice a day, and I realized that other than it soothes my acne problems, it also makes my skin feels hydrated, bouncy and firm. I also noticed that it kinda gave my skin a glowy finish by making my skin look brighter. Not to forget that I can tell that my skin looks so much happier thanks to the multi-action hydration and moisturizer formula that regenerates and penetrates into skin layer to repair, and improve the skin's condition.


Get better skin with UltraMoist Pro-Collagen Hygroscopic Moisturizer
As a verdict, I would have to say that it really helps improve my skin condition by providing natural collagen that encourages elastin formation for smoother younger looking skin. Despite it being my first time hearing about UltraMoist, I can guarantee that this moisturizer would firm, lift, brighten and nourish your skin without leaving your skin feeling uncomfortable. The results say it all, and I can't emphasize to you on how much I truly love it. I would really recommend this to you if you're looking for an ultimate moisturizer that gives you all the nutrients that your skin needs by getting yourself a bottle of the UltraMoist Pro-Collagen Hygroscopic Moisturiser. You're definitely missing out if you havent tried this yet.


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