Sunday, March 11, 2018

Schools Out | Aladdin and The Magic Lamp explores Resort World Genting

Checking out the Aladdin & The Magic Lamp at the Genting International Showroom
The last time i enjoyed a theater performance was about 2 months ago where i watched The Monkey King which left me so much memories to remember. This time, since its the school holidays, Aladdin and The Magic Lamp takes over Resort World Genting to surprise families and their visitors for a whole new world at the Genting International Showroom stage in the month of March. With live cast with state of the art 3D holographic projections, the production by China's DT Kids Theatre will amaze and astound audiences with a spectacular classic Arabian Nights tale of a poor tailor's apprentice who discovers a magic lamp and the genie contained inside.

The starting scene, introducing Aladdin as a tailor
Princess Jasmine makes an appearance
Listening to Aladdin songs while writing this, i hope you get a feel of what im trying to express. hehe. The show is different than any other theater shows i've seen before, especially when they have taken so much effort to expertise in crafting cutting-edge technological stage that brings the show to life. The troupe focuses on bringing classical fairy tales to animated glory with running productions such as Finding The Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Pinnochio and Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod, which was staged in Resorts World Genting last year.

Love at first sight maybe?
The genie who has been unleashed from the lamp
Aladdin and The Magic Lamp was developed by DT Kids Theatre in 2015, premiering at the Shanghai Zendai Himalayas Art Centre. Produced by DT Kids Theatre chief director Zhang Yi and choreographed by Mic Thompson, a Disney dance production veteran that has shared the stage with Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, the show is a visual tour de force. With Zhao Zi Fu, actor and host , as Aladdin and Yin Shi as Jasmine, they will surely put a lot of effort to impress their audience and has definitely impressed me.

Love scenes with 3D effects
The bad guy, trying to convince Aladdin to retrive the lamp
Throughout the show, it will be aided by 3D projections that accompanies the actors actions, from Aladdin hurtling away from a giant rolling fire boulder to the evil magician summoning colossal spears of sand to bringing the genie to life. Set to a script by screenwriter Yin Heng and music by Wang Lingyun, the 65-minute English-language with Chinese subtitles production is one that must be seen in person to fully appreciate.

Princess Jasmine finds out the truth about the lamp
Aladdin and The Magic Lamp begins its run at Genting International Showroom on March 9, 2018, playing until 25 March, 2018. The show plays daily at 8.30pm Monday to Saturday, with a 4pm matinee show on Saturdays. On Sundays, there is a single 5pm showing, with an additional 2pm show on March 11, 2018 only. Tickets are priced at RM86 (PS1), RM116 (PS2) and RM156 (VIP), with a 10% discount applicable for Genting Rewards Members. An additional processing fee of RM4 applies to all ticket purchases.

Mandatory photo with the cast
Visitors can now enjoy special packages that are available for the attractions where visitors can choose Combo 2 for any two attractions starting from RM60 for Genting Rewards member’s child tickets or Combo 3 for any three attractions starting from RM72 for Genting Rewards member’s child tickets. Different rates apply for standard non-member tickets and adult rates. For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

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