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[REVIEW] Ibiza Cream | Japan Premium

Ibiza Whitening Medicated Cream from Japan Premium
Hi guys, i stumbled upon Japan Premium for some serious Japanese beauty products and found myself checking out the Ibiza Cream. What is this Ibiza cream you may ask? Well, lets just say that its a cream that whitens your *coughs* private parts (Underarm or V line). After checking out the site and testimonials, there is a rate of 96.7% of satisfaction guranteed by those who have used this, which is why it got me a little curious on how good it works. Althought, for the best results, it would be advised to use this for at least 2 months, thus in todays blog post, i'll be sharing you some insights on how i find the product based on first glance.

Made in Japan, thus Japanese descriptions all over the tube
I believe we all have concerns especially when you need your bikini body to be ready for the beach and not be ashamed when youre lifting up your whole arm to call your friends across the beach right? Well, usually my underarm concerns would usually cover two things, the dark colour and hair growth that would totally be embarassing. Hair growth can be solved by going to a waxing centre, but usually when it comes to dark underarms, you'd usually need to go for one of those expensive underarm whitening session that usually takes more than 1 sessions to see results.


Has a small tip to control precise application
Now, with the Ibiza Cream, you can whiten your underarm without going for expensive whitening centers. Formulated with nano-capsules, it contains 2 active ingredients namely Tranexamate and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate which is permitted under the Ministry of Health. For your information, this cream has been designed to be used to whiten dark delicate areas of the body, such as your underarm and V line. Yes, i said it whitens the V line as well. *inserts shock face here*

Tranexamic Acid is usually used for whitening for hyperpigmentation which reversibly binds to plasminogen and prevents its interaction with fibrin, thus inhibiting the dissolution of fibrin clots. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate on the other hand acts as a skin conditioning agent that improves the apperance of damaged skin by restoring the suppleness while also calming inflammation.


Have you ever wondered what causes Darken skin? 
Now, lets understand a little on how our skin turns dark at certain parts of the body. After doing a little research, its usually due to external damages that activates the melanin to protect the skin from rough friction and strectched skin. And if your skin is always exposed to friction, say for example the thigh area frictioning against each other while walking, this will accumulate melanin production and basically causing the surface of the skin to be darker than other parts of the skin.

Other causes of this can also be due to shaving that encourgaes melanin to generate which causes pigmentation on the skin, laser hair removal that may dry out the skin and lead to pigmentation development if not taken care properly, wearing tight underwear (specifically for Ms V), or it could also be due to hormonal stress that may cause hormonal imbalance. In my case from the image above,  i was exposed by hot steam and well, the scar became a dark mark on my knee.


Cream has a creamy translucent colour
After trying this out for the past 1 weeks, i would have to say that the cream has a benefit by protecting skin againts damage while also getting rid of dark skin. Thus it beautifies while reducing skin darkening with Tranexamate and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate as their active ingredients. It also has 2 nano capsules which one acts as a whitening support capsule while the other acts as an anti-glycation capsule where both these capsules will be absorbed into the skin and suppress the melanin production.

The texture of it once spreaded out feels very lightweight right after
Containing up to 8 kinds of moiturising ingredients, the cream will also moisturize damaged areas to keep it fresh and smooth. Its no wonder that the creamy texture feels very lightweight, yet at the same time provides long lasting moisturising for the skin. Im not a huge fan of heavy creams, but the consistency of the cream feels very comfortable as you apply it around you V line and also your underarm giving it the protection that it needs.


After the first application, i notice that the darkened colour was very slightly lighten, or is it just me?
To use this is pretty simple actually. It would be recomended to use this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after showering. Usually i'd apply a pea size or you can also consider applying just enough cream which is equivalent to the pigment size, and massage it in circular motion until cream has been fully absorbed. It can be used around the elbow, face, armpits, breast area, V area and even for your knee.

Here's actually my sisters birth mark, and we tried to apply some cream for trial
Noticed that one part of it becomes lighter? 
As a verdict, i would say that its a little pricey, but since there are not may safe creams to be used for whitening that can be applied on delicate skin, i guess the investment goes to the quality of the cream. It currently retails at RM200 for single purchase, but if you buy the bundle set, you can get it at RM699.00 for 4 units.I would say that the cream would be good to last you for about 2 months, and since the testimonials are pretty convincing, youre literally paying for results. Other benefits of the cream would also be that it does not contain synthetic fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, alcohol and paraben making it safe to use even around the delicate areas of the body. With this in mind, i can say that the cream has been designed to be gentle enough that it doesnt harm the skin in any way.

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