Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Signature Market's New Makeover | Celebrating 5 years of Healthy Snacking

Thank you Signature Market for having me 
So, if youre a health junkie, you would know what Signature Market offers, and you guessed it! Healthy snacks! I was one of the lucky few to be invited to their 5th birthday which was helf at Majapahit @Marc Residence, KLCC, and in conjuction to their birthday, they had a grand launching of a brand new look to their products. I honestly cant believe that it has been 5 years already for them and to see them grow so much makes me feel glad to know that Malaysian are aware of healthy snacking too.

Meet the founders of Signature Market Edwin Wang and John Cheng
For those who are hearing about Signature Market for the first time, the brand strives to product quality products with consistency and are now proudly certified with HACCP and GMP. HACCP is also known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, is an internationally recognize system for reducing risk of safety hazards in food which usually includes bacteria, viruses,  insects, natural toxins, pesticides, drug residues, decomposition, parasites, allergens, unapproved food and colour additives, chemical contaminants from equipment and building maintenance, radioactive compounds, glass, wood, stone, bone, plastic and metal fragments and objects.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) on the other hand is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards so that it does not harm the consumer. This also shows that Signature Market is committed to giving only the best for the consumer. With both certifications being given to Singature Market, you'll have no doubt that their food are safe to consume by consumers who are into healthy snacks with high quality standards.

The menu we had, all were incorporated with ingredients from Signature Market (AND IT WAS GOOD!)
To produce Signature Market quality snakcs, the company uses industry standard ovens to produce their snacks. This is where the professional Unox brand ovens come into play. With the Unox ovens, Signature Market continues to find new ways to improve the flavour and quality of their products thus they utilize slow baking in order to retain the flavour and also its nutrition value in all of their ingredients, giving the consumer consistent quality snacks.

Low Carb Mix : A huges must for nut and seed lovers

Omgega-3 Tail Mix : For those who love Omega with a little variety
Healthy Nut Mix: A must for Nut lovers!
I've been previously ordering Signature Market snacks within the pass few years, and i must say that their delivery system is something i admire cause its always so quick! From the launch, we were told that the company has always been concerned of their delivery system and this time there will be a more systematic approach which comprises of utilizing the latest SKU ID tagging system to manage the flow of goods making the delivery process to the consumers’ doorstep faster and more efficient.


And presenting to you, Signature Markets Brand New Look!
Now for the moment that you've been waiting for, Signature Market came up with new unique packaging design and its looks stunning if you ask me. The new unique packaging is based on a minimalistic design along with vintage tones. This brand new packaging will be standardized and the reason for the new packaging design is to enter a new phase of their growth. With their own unique and delicious taste, Signature Market hopes that this will captivate more potential consumers to understand what Singnature Market is all about. 


The page now is easier to browse and easier to add to cart
So, to just get a little matchy with the new packaging, did you know that Signature Market decided to have a brand new look for the website as well? With an easier to navigate interface, we can now expect a swift and immersive experience browsing for their favorite products. Its so much easier to shop with Signature Market and FYI, to celebrate this ocassion, theres an on-going promotion on site which makes it a good time to shop for healthy snacks. Hehe. For more news and information on Signature Market, feel free to browse through their social sites below. 

Signature Market

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