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Muslim Aesthetic Clinic in Kota Damansara | Klinik Kulit & Keluarga Dr Farhat Ayaz

Klinik Kulit & Keluarga by Dr. Farhat Ayaz (Farhat Wellness) 
Since I go to Kota Damansara pretty often, I noticed that I tend to get my monthly beauty errands done around the area as well, which usually includes my hair trimming services, mani pedi's and even ocassionally facials when I need to. What I noticed is that in Kota Damansara, there are a few varieties of services that are reasonably priced and I love that everything is nearby! So imagine getting all your beauty needs done within one day without moving around too much?

Presenting also, Farhat Laboratories to explore her own products
Meet Dr Farhat herself while youre there!
Today, I'll be sharing with you a new discovery that I found interesting as I stumbled upon Dr. Farhat Wellness, or more known on the shop label to be Klinik Kulit & Keluarga Dr. Farhat Ayaz. Other than being a Malay owned center that provides aesthetic services, they also have skincare products that are focused to provide as skin solutions for acne, blackheads and also oily skin. So for those who are seeking to improve your appearance, you should really check them out! Alternatively, you can keep on reading my blog to find out more details. Hehe.

Here are some of the products that are available at Farhat Wellness
With the beauty industry giving you a wide array of varieties and options, I have checked reviews on Farhat's skincare range and I must say that the testimonies are pretty satisfying that it leads to more beauty enthusiast to purchase her skincare products as well. One highlight that I find an attraction would be that her products do not contain mercury, lead, and chemicals that may be poisonous for the skin such as hydroquinone, tretinoin, paraben, antibiotics, and corticosteroids.


Now, since I mentioned about these unsafe ingredients, I'll just explain why it's not as safe as an ingredient for your skin. Mercury and lead may result into getting whiter skin, but what it really does is it damages your kidney and nerves, whereas lead would damage a baby's brain if a pregnant female uses skincare that contains these ingredients. Hydroquinone is usually included in whitening products by reducing pigmentation, but it would change the natural color of your skin tone, and turn your skin to be hypersensitive while reducing the protection of the skin from UV rays that may lead you to skin cancer.

Dr Farhat with her certifications of training and qualifications throughout the years
Dr. Farhat giving consultation to a patient.
Recognizing the importance of good skincare, Farhat Laboratoires introduces the Soothing Mist spray to help deal with the problem of wrong products that have been used on the skin. According to Founder Farhat Laboratoires, Dr. Farhat Ayaz, the soothing mist is able to calm the skin's irritation and prevent it from getting worse and problematic. Specially formulated from natural sources with extracts of flowers and leaves into a major ingredient in minimizing stress on the skin, it's safe to say that it does not contain harmful chemicals and prohibited substances.

Brought this home since she said this was one of her best sellers! The Skincare Soothing Mist - RM150
Since this is my first visit, I decided to bring home a bottle of the Skincare Soothing mist to try and will be writing a more in-depth review of the product. It claims to be more than just your common facial mist, so lets see how well it works as i use it on a daily basis. Hehe. Other than Skincare soothing mist, Farhat Wellness also sells other products such as Blossom beauty soap, My secret weapon (feminine), Sleeping mask, recovery serums and more! It may not be as big of hype in comparison to 'mainstream' brands, but I have no hesitations on using products that are produced by a qualified doctor.

Just because we all need a mandatory photo of proof that I was there. hehe
Other services that Farhat Wellness has to offer
Well, I guess I'll just end my post here, and in case youre wondering other services that Farhat Wellness provides, they also handle, Hair, Skin and Body concerns for those who are looking for a solution. Im honestly more interested in trying out their pigmentation treatment and pore treatment as those 2 are my main skin concerns. For your information, Farhat Wellness also manages customized treatments based on your budget, and this to me is considered a highlight to both balance what you can afford and on what solution youre seeking. Do check them out if youre around the area as I believe the centers offers a lot of solutions for your beauty needs.

Farhat Wellness
No. 29-G, Jalan PJU 5/20A, 
The Strand Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, 
019-616 7505 

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