Wednesday, July 24, 2019

PU Riz Is Now Open For Business! | Food Station Restaurant

PU Riz opens Food Station as his own business
Out with the old and in with the new. I believe that in life is all about moving forward and not to move backwards, and that is exactly what PU Riz is doing as he opens his very own business, the Food Station Restaurant located at Jalan Tun Sambanthan, KL which is just opposite Nu Sentral. He started business 8 months ago and alhamdulillah, business has been smooth sailing for him as he moves away from the arts industry to make an actually living out of his very own business.

Riz, currently 24 in 2019, was well known through his reality program Pencetus Ummah (PU) and now choose to own his very own restaurant which has been operating for 8 months as to date. Riz, or Muhammad Haris Mohd. Ismail decided that he wanted to continue his fathers legacy of opening a business. He shared that his father was like his mentor, and through his guidance, Riz found a light that lead him to believe that by doing this would gurantee his future of a regular income for a working man.

Riz is also dedicated in being involved in his business
Just some options from the menu
Wide spread offering, local, western and even thai dishes too
With this business, Riz also highlighted that he still loves the arts industry but just saw more potential and benefit in opening a food business especially when its more developed into a business structure. When talking about food, Riz believe that it caters to all walks of life, because everyone needs food to survive. And with this exciting new move by Riz, he also annouced that its time to get his restaurant to be more widely promoted.

Chicken Chop Express
Chocolate Ice Blended - RM7.90
Despite opening a newly open business that has high traffic amoung locals and tourist around the area, this does not stop Riz from resuming his routine as a Bachelors' degree in Law studies. Although he may look like he has gotten his life sorted with this business, Riz highlighted that to complete his studies is by the request of his mother, and with that in mind, Riz also shared that his morthers blessing is a very strong blessing that continues to bless him in life.

Riz shared that when it comes to money, he has no worries in producing money since he's been a speaker and a man of arts, but also there is no harm in obtaining more knowledge. With all these commitments running through his mind, he admits that time management is key to achieve what he desires.

Riz officiating the launch by giving a 'du'a' with the media
It was honestly a hard decision to make, but after thinking it throughly, Riz has made the choice to take up to challenge and prioritize between acting offers, classes and also managing his business. One choice that he made is to debut a film called 'Ada Apa Dengan Dosa'. The shoot has already been taken place last year in Scotland and Riz is excited about the film as he stars as the main character. "Insya-Allah, I have tried to settle the responsibilities and beliefs bestowed upon them," Riz shared to the media.

Located opposite the entrance of Nu Sentral
The interior of the restaurant
The Food Station Restaurant currently offers over 500 dishes with varieties from Malay, Thai and Western dishes for customers from all sorts of backgrounds to enjoy. Riz has been managing this restaurant from the start from registering the company under the Companies Commission of Malaysia and managing the operations of the business up till today which shows his dedication to the business.

Proud achievement for Riz to manage his own restaurant at such a young age
In addition his involvement in Pencetus Ummah, Riz has also participated in the missionary search program, Akademi Sahur Asia or AKSI Asia 2017 in Jakarta which involved participants from Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. Despite not winning in the program, Riz is grateful for his presence to be realized by several producers who lend a chance to act. With this background, Riz is also dedicated to organize religious talks at Food Station Restaurant to promote spiritual elementsn and sharing as visitors dine in his resturant.

Salmon Teriyaki - RM18.90
Beef Tepanyakki - RM14.90
Grilled Lamb Chop - RM19.90
To conclude this, i believe PU Riz has really turn over a new leaf to set his goals straight to make his parents proud and to be independent with his own decisions. At such a young age, i believe that he really wants to set good examples to his followers and possibly inspire others to balance life commitments, such as studying, religion, and making a living. Nothing is impossible if you have faith and guidance and basically these key components are co-related to really guide him to succeed in his career.


  1. Tahniah saya ucapkan kat akak sudi review perniagaan orang muslim seperti restoran PU Riz...semoga lebih ramai lagi blogger di luar yang sudi untuk membuat review kepada peniaga-peniaga muslim yang jujur dan amanah dalam perniagaan. Nice review dan nice sharing kak...

  2. ramai artis dah buka kedai makan ni. Baguslah alhamdulillah..kita ni kalau ada rezeki nak jugak bukan restoran sendiri kan..heheh. Tahniah PU riz..

  3. Alhamduillah. kita sokong perniagaan orang Muslim di utamakan. Baru mereka boleh support jemaah Islam. hehe :)

  4. sedapnya semua menu. nampak menyelerakan betul. bagus betul kita sokong perniagaan bumiputera. lagi-lagi artis yang minat dalam industri food baverage dalam malaysia. bestnya dapat makan kat sini

  5. Tahniah PU Riz di atas pembukaan restoran ini, nampak selesa sekali dan menu makanan menarik untuk dinikmati. Nak pergilah nanti

  6. Alhamdulillah dan tahniah PU Riz..restoran selesa, ada pelbagai pilihan menu. Memang sesuai lah untuk kunjungan seisi keluarga.

  7. dalam isu kontroversi beliau tempohari, rupanya nak membuka ruang rezeki untuk beliau.. cayalah.. kena singgah ni nanti.. hee~ jom teman i..

  8. Wahh tahniah PU Riz. Kena singgah and try makan sini! Thanks sbb share. 😁

  9. wahh kedai PU...tengok pada hidangan yang ditawarkan semua nampak sedap dan menarik..lokasi kedai ni agak strategik terletak di tempat tumpuan masyarakat ibukota

  10. Ohh ini ker restoran milik PU Riz tu yang viral dengan picture ehh lupakan kita nak tengok makanan kat sini menarik dan sedap hehehe boleh lah datang nanti...

  11. ramai sekarang artis atau selebriti menceburi bidang F&B ya. hopefully restoran yg diusahakan oleh PU Riz nie berjaya dan terus mendapat sambutan. Hensem PU Riz nie. sejuk je mata melihat. gitueeee !

  12. Tahniah kpd PU Riz dgn pembukaan Food Station.
    Location di NU Sentral ni bagi MAT Drat sangat strategic. Sampai area sini nanti boleh la Mat Drat singgah.

    Semoga biznes PU Riz terus maju.

  13. Tahniah PU Riz....sedap pula menu-menu yang ada. Memang NU Sentral syurga makanan. Kalau Marsha ke KL boleh ke sini untuk cuba.

  14. Dekat mana kedai dia, baca tak nampak lokasi pun..hehee..sedap semua makanan dia..lengkap terliur pulak tengok haishh...

  15. He has achieved a lot at 24! And thank you for telling his story because it's very interesting.

  16. Cantiknya restoran dia..
    salah satu daya penarik ni.. Nak buat orang sentiasa datang berkunjung.
    sebab nampak selesa.
    kalau la dekat, nak juga terjah. hihihi

  17. Wah boleh terjah ni. Nampk menu semua sedap2 belaka. Btw muka PU riz ni mcm artis indonesia sikit. hehehe

  18. I've heard of this place on FB. The menu seems good with variety too