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[REVIEW] Ururu Collagen | Japan Premium

Presenting Ururu Collagen by Japan Premium
Collagen being one of the essential skin needs to prevent wrinkles, heading towards my 30's, I've been exploring different types of collagen in the market, and someone one particular brand from Japan Premium caught my eye. The Ururu Collagen is a supplement that has been in the market since 1961, and I believe that it has survived in the market up till today for a good reason too! In today's blog post, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Ururu Collagen from Japan Premium.

All the details on the packaging are pretty much in Japanese 
When is the best time to start taking collagen? Well, honestly speaking, I would say that when youre in your mid-twenties would be the best time to start taking collagen to maintain that bouncy skin of yours. Takin collagen daily promotes and boost not only the skin but also enhances the health of your hair and nails too!


Got me the minipack which consists of 15 packs
In case of youre wondering what are the benefits of collagen, some of the reasons why collagen has been crazy for beauty enthusiast to add into their supplement is because its belief to ease joint pains while enhancing beauty. It is also believed that it reverses skin aging and reduce cellulite in the body too. But the most popular reason is usually that it smoothens your skin texture as it leaves your skin looking plumped and soft.

Some fun facts about collagen are that there are about 20 different types of collagen in our body. Each collagen plays a vital role in body functions such as formation and maintaining internal organs. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, collagen is essential for smooth skin as it is responsible to prevent wrinkles, as it encourages the skin to have better elasticity.

What it looks like on the inside
So, if youre seeking for some extra boost of collagen in your body, the Ururu Collagen is something I would consider you to try. It is specially formulated with nano collagen with 90%+ absorption rate. It also naturally brings out the natural glow from your body as it provides your body with essential nutrients to enhance the surface of the skin.


Contains 2g of Ururu Collagen
Each box comes in individual packs for easy consumption, and each pack has about 2g of Ururu Collagen content. I actually like that it comes in individual packaging as it maintains the freshness of the product. When you open it up, the form of the collagen is in powder form which looks like the image above accompanied by peachy granules. Usually, the collagen that I've previously consumed has a fishy smell to it, and surprisingly this smell a little fruity.

How I consume it: Mix it with blackcurrant juice ( or any juice of your preference)
Then stir the drink
To consume this, usually consume this at night just before bed, and I would usually like to mix this with my blackcurrant juice. You can opt to mix it with water or consume it as it is, but its always more fun with more flavors. Hehe. The collagen powder is derived from fish and the peach granules are cherry blossom and herbal extract. In the form of taste, I would say that it's super easy to consume as it tastes pretty good too (more on the sweet side)!

And enjoy! It tastes pretty good since it has a sweet peachy taste to it
Since I've only gotten myself a pack that is good for 2 weeks, what I noticed would be that it improves my digestive system within the first week. I can actually feel that I have easier bowel movements and I had no constipation problems throughout the week. On the 2nd week of consuming Ururu Collagen, I must say that my metabolism somehow felt more energetic. It's like I had more energy to make my way to the gym or to just go for a breeze walk.

Be sure to try this if youre looking for quality standard collagen
Ururu Collagen retails at RM329.80 for a box of 62 sachets, but if you purchase this from Japan Premium, you can get it for RM199.00 instead! I would roughly have to say a box of Ururu Collagen is good to last you for about 2 months, and the brand claims that you will definitely see the difference within the first month after consuming the Ururu Collagen daily. I've only consumed this for about 2 weeks, and as a verdict, I would say that it does improve my skin appearance very lightly, but I believe I may need to constantly consume this to see better results.

Well, I guess I'll keep my post short. Thank you so much for reading this blog post, and I hope that it has assisted you in your inquiries or curiosities. Since it's from Japan, I believe that the product is reliable and it really contributed to the health of my skin. For more information or if you would like to purchase this for you to try, you can head over to Japan Premium to read more on information and maybe get it for yourself to try.

Ururu Collagen

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