Sunday, July 21, 2019

Open Office Concept | Klook Now Has An Office in Malaysia!

Managed to pay a visit to Klook's brand new office in Malaysia!
Travel junkies, if you LOVE traveling the world, you'd surely know the existence of Klook by now as the world-leading travel activities and services booking platform. My first time using Klook was during my recent trip to Japan, and it's a great platform to book your tickets in advance as you skip the physical line at the ticket box of the tourist attraction. If you have not heard about Klook on the other hand, Klook provides travelers with seamless ways to discover and book attractions, tours, local transportation, food and unique experiences around the world through its website and award-winning app.

Got my insiders pass to take you with me on a tour of Klook's office
Checkout their Milestones within the past 1 year!
And since it was an office warming session, just look at all the food they had to offer!
Over the past week, I had an opportunity to actually explore Klook's new integrated office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Spanning over 15,000 sqft, Klook's new Malaysia hub is located in KL Eco City and will consolidate major functions such as business development, corporate services, marketing, and service operations under one roof. Since 2017 when Klook first explored the Malaysian market, they have grown pretty fast with its mobile-first approach to assist travelers, as they partner with local businesses such as Aquaria KLCC, KLIA Ekspres, guided tours in Penang and island hopping in Sabah. And now, Klook has on-boarded more than 500 local attractions and activities and im pretty sure that its still growing.

One of their biggest office rooms, enough for about 20 pax
They even have this cute phone booth in their office
More office rooms for smaller meetings and discussions
The overall office space layout/concept
The rejuvenating room for employees to take a break
Exploring the new space that also houses one fo the company's largest regional customer experience teams, the multilingual team is comprised of more than 100 people who speak a total of 8 languages and provide around the clock to support for Klook's customers across a variety of channels. By having a physical office in Malaysia, the team now has an added advantage to be closer to the ground to work with merchants, suppliers, and partners to better serve the needs of customers.
Thank you Klook for the delicious brownies presenting during our visit
The open concept pantry area
With the tourism industry growing rapidly with free and independent travelers (FIT), Klook notices that travelers are looking for alternatives to planning their own itineraries instead of going for the traditional tour packages. With Klook now, Malaysians now have the choice to create their own experiences. The app being easy to navigate, they have also had evidence that over 70% of Klook's booking is made from mobile with an increase of 25% increase in same-day bookings over the last year.

Did you know that Klook stands for Keep Looking? 

In terms of future plans, Klook will continue to help grow the local tourism community with the Klook Travel Fest happening in 2019. Currently set to be held from the 28th to 29th of September at MiTEC. This will be a massive one-weekend only event to connect Malaysians to great travel deals as well. The event will also involve strategic partnerships with local travel industries, lifestyle, and retail merchants. Attendees will be able to look forward to exciting performances, games, travel workshops and more!


  1. wahhh seronoknya! Cantik dan kemas je. Kalau saya pekerja kat sana memang rasa bersemangat betul ni. Haha. Apapun tahniah, Klook! Mudahnya dengan Klook ni untuk travel. Sangat membantu untuk menjimat dan melancarkan travel.

  2. woahh good sharing dear. next time will look for Klook in any events

  3. Laaa klook tak pernah ada ofis dekat malaysia ke. Jow I know and thanks for sharing. ID ofis klook ni mmg lawa.

  4. Menarik opis nyer.
    Workers akan happy nak keje, melayani customer.
    Ceria. Memmbangkitkan rasa bersemnagat.
    Orange plak tu. Warna yg girang dan seronok.
    Moga sukses klook.

  5. lawanya opis klook nih ....klook memang dah jadi jenama besar untuk orang dapatkan tiket entrance dan perjalanan yg murah semasa travel ...tahniah klook

  6. Menarik jugak service klook ni ya. Bolehlah cuba nanti bila nk travel. Tgok off dia pun wowww..cantik sgt, sure sesiapa yg ada kat sana selesa je kan

  7. canteknya opis klook ni nampak esklusif sangat...tak pernah datang area sini tapi mmg tahu ttg klooks...warna theme dia sangat ceria kan

  8. Perghhh hebat opis klook ni ye..dulu berangan juga nak ada opis yg begini kat rumah...akan lebih semangat katanya nak buat keja..last2 tak kesampaian juga...haha..kena cuba juga klook ni...dah ramai yg review servis klook.