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[REVIEW] Probiotics Lotion | Japan Premium

The Suzuki Herb Probitotics Lotion from Japan Premium
Lotions or more known as toners, are something pretty crucial if youre dealing with pore concerns. I have pore concerns cause one, i like being outdoors, and two, i like hot baths, which both triggers to open pores, so closing them back up would be crucial and good toners usually does the trick to prevent them from getting clogged. As of February 2019, there has been over 8 million bottles sold of these probiotic lotion from Japan Premium and that got me triggered to get it for myself too. Thus, leading to todays topic, i'll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Probiotics lotion through this review.

Instructions are mainly in Japanese in the bottle, but the website clearly explains the ingredients and on usage
One thing for sure, I love the idea that its Japanese based and its also formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin, oily skin and is suitable for all ages! Apparently, other than just being a popular toner, its known to be the bestsellin moisturising toner in Japan and now its available in Malaysia too! And now since i finally got my hands on it, lets find out on what makes this different than your average toner you have at home.


Comes in a plastic bottle
First things first, you must be wondering what is this probitoc content within the toner. After doing some reading (youre welcome), the probiotic content is actually similar to rice-rinsed water which is popular in Japan from history up till today. The actual benefit of this rice rinsed water would be the bacteria natually growing from the water which then makes something called 'Skin Staphylococcus'. This ingredient helps retain moisture and maintain protection barrier of our skin which is also believed to also maitain moist and youthful skin.

Texture is a little slimy
The benefits of having high amount of Skin Staphlococcus within the toner would be that it helps the skin to break down clogged oil within pores and then converts them into a skin moisturizing component. It also supports the synthetis of antibacterial peptides and has an anti-inflammatory effect too! And with that you can consider that this toner not only minimise pores, but also provides skin protection by balancing the amount of good bacteria and moisture level on the skin.


After cleansing, i will pat my face lightly after applying the lotion on my palm
How is use it is pretty simple actually. I use this once during the day and once during the night after clenasing. Its really up to you if you prefer to use a cotton pad, but since i dont want to waste the toner, i usually like to dap a few drops on my palm then gently spread it around my face follwed by light taps till the lotion is fully absorbed by the skin. I love that it feels really cooling after each application and after a week plus of using this, i noticed that my pores has been minimised too! (True fact)

The texture once spreaded out
Texture wise, i would have to say that its not entirely like a toner, but it has a slightly thicker texture to it assuming that it contains slight fermented ingredients that may thicken the texture. The colour of it is like a milky lotion colour, but once in contact with skin, it actually leaves a very moisturized feeling, rest assured giving your skin an extra layer of comfortable probitoc protection. A little sticky to my liking, and it may take a while for it to be fully absorbed by the skin.

Did a little sticky test | A little sticky at first, but it is eventually absorbed by the skin
For a toner, i would have to say that its priced a little on the pricey side, but if you are looking for a toner that repairs and balances out your skin needs, then its worth the amount paying for considering that it works like a charm. The Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion is priced at RM135/ each and it comes in a plastic bottle containing 150ml.


Been using this for about 10 days now, and im like how my skin feels well moisturized
As a verdict of after using this for more than 10 days now, i must say that it really vitalizes the skin. After a week, i noticed that my skin was more supple and smoother, not to also forget that it was well hydrated too. My skin looked brighter and i noticed that some parts of my skin that was initially dry looks like it has recovered too. I find it hard to believe that i can see the difference within a week, but nevertheless, i do agree that the pH balance is adjusted after using this. Its slightly sticky but i'll be honest that i ocassionally skip applying moisturizer since my skin already feels moisturized. I hope this review was helpful and if you may have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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