Tuesday, July 2, 2019

LULU Hypermarket opens 2nd outlet in Malaysia

Is it July already? Boy time really does flies and to welcome the new month, I'd like to share with you on how I started my month. With doing groceries as my regular routine as I start my week, LULU, a middle East retail hypermarket has opened its second hypermarket here in Malaysia! YAY! If you haven't heard of LULU Hypermarket by Lulu Group, it happens to be one of the largest retail operators in the Middle East & North African region. It's also one of my places to shop for fresh groceries too! Hehe.

Just to join in the crowd, in conjuction to this exciting opening, LULU Hypermarket has been raving over their social media platforms sharing to their Malaysian fans on their exclusive grand opening deals that are too good to be true. Hehe. Woke up bright and early in the morning, present during the launching ceremony was YB Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution bin Ismail, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia, who officially inaugurated the Hypermarket in the presence of Ambassadors of various countries, prominent local businessmen and other dignitaries.

This Hypermatket is also Lulu's 174th outlet globally, and its strategically located at 1 Shamelin Mall within the Cheras district. With 80,000 square feet as the hypermarkets layout, it has been designed using the latest retail space concepts, provided with the most modern technology to serve the residents of Cheras and to those who live nearby.

The hypermatket has dedicted sections for grocery, dairy products, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, dry goods, fashion garments, electronics, IT, stationery, sports, footwear, luggage and so much more! With the variety offered by LULU Hypermarket, any shopper of LULU Hypermarket will not go home empty handed after making a pit stop at this hypermarket. One of the highlights that I have yet to check would be their exclusive store-in-store food range that offers an imported line of Gluten-free, Organic, Sugar-Free, No Additives, No Preservatives and other specialty food from all around the world. Rest assured, LULU Hypermarket provides the widest range with the best value for money products.

And with tons of support from their Malaysian loyal shoppers, Yusuff Ali, Chairman of Lulu Group has announced that they have firm expansion plans in Malaysia and are committed to launching four new hypermarkets in different parts of Malaysia, currently namely, Setia City Mall, Bangi Gateway, Bachang (Malacca) and Johor Bahru by 2020. With this expansion, they will also be creating more than 5000 job opportunities in Malaysia!

What I also admire about LULU Hypermarket would be that they support local Small & Medium Enterprises as they believe in growing together by providing display spaces inside the hypermarket which will be a good platform for local companies to expand their business and export their products to Gulf countries. As of now, I heard that they carry more than 100 local products that are associated with Lulu Malaysia.

As of now, im already planning for my second visit to the newly opened outlet and im looking to further discover the options and varieties that Lulu Hypermarket has to offers. Don't worry if you missed out on their opening promotion, cause their prices to me are still one of the best value without even having second thoughts. Well, that's all for now. I hope this was informative for those who usually go grocery shopping. I have to admit that I do wish that they'd open in Damansara or Petaling Jaya in the near future to come. If distance wasn't an issue, I'd be shopping at LULU's Hypermarket every week! 


  1. Yes, the distance issue has still made me unable to step foot there. Been seeing a lot of sharings on this Supermarket I really wanted to experience it myself. I hope it opens nearby soon too.

  2. Yang dekat jakel kl tu pun nad belum pergi lagi, sekrg dah open lagi dekat 1 shamelin..pergh bgusla..lagi dekat rasanya ni..hehee..tapi tak tau bila..nak sangat pergi..husbnd busy selalu

  3. There are so many things to buy there at such a great price, really hard to resist.

  4. Wahh congrats lulu market sebab dh tambah cawangan pula.. Hopefully lepas ni lulu berkembang hingga ke setiap negeri dan daerah pula.. Hehe.. Tak sbr nk tau lulu market ada area johor.. Sbb johor pun dh pesat juga kan..

  5. Guess everyone is really excited with this grand opening of yet another LUlu store right? :) I hope it will hit my state soon.

  6. kat lulu ni best sebab mavcam2 ada dan barang dia boleh tahan murah..paling best kawasan sayur dan ikan semua nampak segar dan harga yang ditawarkan jauh lebih murah. sebulan sekali wajib dtang ni hehe

  7. Sis suka jugak ke Lulu ni, banyak barang yang tak ada kat market lain ada kat sini. Bahan2 mentah pun segar. Ni rasa nak ke Lulu lagi ni..hehehe