Friday, July 26, 2019

Starbucks celebrates THREE years of Silent Brewing

Presenting the certification Advance Coffee Masters Awards
If you haven't heard of Starbucks World First Starbucks Signing Store, then you have to make your way to Bangsar Village. This happens to be the first Starbucks signing Store located in Bangsar Village II and to commemorate this milestone, Starbucks showcased the passion and growth of their deaf partners by presenting them with the certification of Advance Coffee Masters, as they have deservingly developed their barista skills and coffee knowledge.

The Advance Coffee Masters
Present during the celebration, we had Rina Siew, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei who shared that Starbucks will always endeavor to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. The concept came about for more than three years ago to offer the deaf and hard of hearing community in Malaysia with employment and career advancement opportunities. And with this platform, their deaf partners are recognized as certified Coffee Masters who have achieved in completing their Advanced Coffee Master Program.

Showing how good coffee is being prepared at Starbucks
Attendees of the anniversary learning how to do sign language
The Advanced Coffee Masters Program teaches qualified baristas new coffee mastery skills for different coffee requirements. Thus, with the newly-certified Deaf Advanced Coffee Masters, they are now able to brew coffee using the Pour Over Method. The Deaf baristas here are also qualified to conduct coffee chat sessions with the public using sign language and throughout these three years, the Starbucks Signing Store advocates continuous learning and development of each barista.

Congratulations to the Coffee Masters for reaching this milestone
With this equal opportunity being given, the Signing Store partners have proved their confidence in working and handling a variety of brewing equipment professionally. This also raises awareness about the Deaf culture at the workplace to surrounding communities. They do not only make just a cup of coffee but also share their warm approach of Starbucks through their perspective. The Dead Coffee Masters in Malaysia are distinguishable by their black aprons that feature a special embroidery with 'Starbucks' in Malaysian Sign Language.


The current team at Starbucks Bangsar Signing Store
Dedicated to empowering the hearing-impaired community throughout Malaysia, Starbucks Malaysia has announced plans to open the first Starbucks Signing Store in Penang. Mimicking the Starbucks Signing Store in Bangsar Village II, the Deaf baristas in the Penang Signing Store will get the opportunity to develop soft skills, such as work ethics, teamwork, and career attributes. The Penang Signing Store is scheduled to open by the end of this year.

Exclusive Signing merchandise
Exclusively available ONLY at Starbucks Signing Stores
The Pour Over brewing method is available at the Signing Store starting 25 July 2019 and customers can now experience a coffee signing session on a scheduled basis by Advanced Coffee Masters. Starbucks Malaysia has also launched a series of new exclusive Signing Store merchandise collection in conjunction with the 3rd-anniversary celebration. The merchandise is priced from RM25 onwards and is only available at the Starbucks Signing Store at Bangsar Village II.

For more information, please visit the Starbucks Malaysia website at

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