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[REVIEW] NULL Acne Block Face Wash | Japan Premium

NULL Acne Block Face Wash from Japan Premium
Don't you just hate acne? Well, since I've been exploring into skincare from Japan, I happen to stumble upon Japan Premium which has a full list of beauty products that I can access from Malaysia. YAY! So, since no one likes acne, I was actually just browsing through their list and found the NULL Acne Block Face Wash rather interesting, especially when its a skincare from Japan. So after going in-dept on the description, I just had to get it and try it out myself.


Some detials ont he packaging
What triggered me into getting this would be that usually, normal acne skincare would really leave your skin to feel dry, but the NULL Acne Block Face Wash was actually that it's an acne cleanser that has excellent moisturizing for the skin. Who knew it existed! Being originated from Japan, I have no doubt that the product is at its utmost quality. The cleanser claims to prevent acne and breakouts by using 3 of their main ingredients namely, artichoke, jobs tears, and aloe vera.

Tried and tested for about a week now
And pretty satisfied with how it keeps my skin well cleansed
It claims to suppress inflammation by unclogging your pores while preventing further damages by also containing Hamamelis, Gingko Biloba, and Chamomile which is usually anti-inflammatory ingredients. Other than that, it also brightens pigmentations and moisturizes by using aloe vera, collagen and hyaluronic acid within the cleanser. And the best part of all would be that its free from any petroleum agent, coloring, alcohol, artificial flavor, paraben and mineral oils too.


Comes in an aluminium tube bottle, squeeze a pea size for each cleanse
I personally like using a foamer instead of directly applying on my face
Upon the first impression of using the cleanser, I noticed that it had this light refreshing lime smell which I find pretty relaxing each time I wash my face. Since my acne is not too bad, I use this on alternate days just give my skin a good cleanse. I have been using it for roughly a week now, and I must say that Im impressed with the silky feel it leaves on my skin. So don't expect any tightening feeling after you cleanse cause to me it felt like it moisturized my skin even more apparently.

Once foams has been formed, proceed t use foam to cleanse
Loving the foam texture
It has a creamy texture as you squeeze the tube out, and i usually like to foam it up first. Since I love playing with foam, here's a little secret. I got myself a bathing net which usually cost about RM3 each in stores, then put a pea-sized amount on the net and start making foam with your hands by adding in friction. Once the foam is developed, use the foam to then cleanse your face gently, then rinse with water.


Overall thoughts? Read my verdict below!
As a verdict, I would have to say that for a cleanser that is priced at RM85.90 in a 120g tube, its actually pretty good. It's no wonder that it's popular in Japan. Usually, I would go for facial centers to help me solve my acne problems, but with this cleanser, it feels as if I can have my own facial at home targeting my acne concerns. In case you haven't noticed, it also came in this aluminum tube, which usually is for hygenic reasons to keep it away from micro-organisms while keeping the content fresh for every use. Would I repurchase? I'd say yes! It's considered a lot when it comes to content since you don't need to use so much for every wash, so, if youre looking for a good cleanser that targets acne, you may consider trying out this! I hope it works as well on you as it did on me! I had no pimples surprising me throughout the whole week.

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